Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Jolin... this morning really jolin ar...


Not Jolin Tsai lar... is very cold de Jolin (hokkien)...

I was standing at petrol kiosk this morning, waiting for my car's tanki to be filled with petrol, and the icy breeze hug me so tight that I thought it was winter time.

Jolin ar...

*Late update*

Received this email from Dad few hours after I arrived in office :-

Bring along your jacket...it is going to be very cold

Though the message came late, it's still sweet and warm though. :D

Hmmnnn, why didn't he just call me instead? Don't tell me he has call-phobia like me?

Ya, I developed Phonophobia since I worked in call centre, particularly with the bank which has 3 alphabets and logo of 5 red sticks. I hate when my phone rings, I get frustrated when my phone rings non-stop, what I fear the most is ANSWERING THAT GOD DAMN PHONE CALL.

That's why I prefer to sms.

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