Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is Old Bean's birthday!

*Amended and Updated on 11 Oct 07 2.30am Texas time*

Today is 10 10 2007 (here in Texas), perfect double ten. Other than it's Taiwan National Day, it is Old Bean's birthday too.

Old Bean a.k.a very important person in my house a.k.a ATM machine of my house is probably the odd one out in my house. Among the 5 members in my family (OldBean,Abu,PinkLeo,Han and Ping), he is always quietest person while the rest of us are as noisy as pasar malam.

However, BAU=Business as usual for today. Everyone in my house went to work/study in the early morning and will reach home only after 9pm. By the time we finish our dinner, it was close to 10pm. Everyone is tired after whole day out, so we only did a simple celebration where everyone dress in pajamas. Cool sia!

Lab lab luen birthday song

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Thanks for raising me well and providing the best of the best to me! I love you..... despite of your kedekut character. Hahahaha...

The old young loving couple, Old Bean and Abu

Loving couple in action

Abu posing as 007 agent

Birthday celebration in Old Bean's office


Anonymous said...

hey thats ur mum & dad? why call old bean??? lol - SL

Pink Leo said...

Abu = my mum , is Hokkien A Bu.

Old Bean = my dad, is Cantonese Lou Dao or Mandarin lao3 dou4 (Old Bean lar... )

My family is rojak culture lar...