Thursday, October 25, 2007

International Food Fair

Han poses dumb face during food preparation yesterday

Today is a busy day, because today is International Food Fair day.

Our booth with many many flags

Too bad I gotta work most of the time, so I only manage to help out a bit before and after the food fair.

Marian, don't she looks like Ms.Switzerland?

I suppose the busiest person throughout this event would be Marian, our ambassador coordinator, that she didn't sleep much on yesterday. I hope she would have a nice sleep tonight.

Marian selling French bread with fillings

When I got there at the food fair after my work, it was near the closing time. So not much food left for me to steal eat, except this newly invented French food: French bread with fillings.

newly invented French food,yummy!

See the menu, we have many foods including Seri Muka (proudly made by Abu), but all gone by the time I arrive.

Menu of the day

Luckily I was able to take a photo of Jalur Gemilang...

Malaysia boleh!

Of course, without helps from lovely French volunteers, it would be difficult to have such event goes through smoothly!


It was a huge success for this food fair, that we collected 637 tickets! After counting the ticket, I stack up the ticket and it become a TICKET ROBOT!

*Robotic voice*Hi, I am Ticket Robot #637

I am so tired now that I can't blog properly...

I have to meet Uncle Zhou 周公now , おやすみなさい Good Night!

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bland said...

Wonderful pictures!I had fun too.
It would be great to meet you guys again.And thanks for helping cooking the crepes!
See you,