Saturday, October 06, 2007

Did you know...?

My running nose made me feel sleepy for the past few days. Why sleepy? I don't know either, maybe the oxygen I'm taking is not sufficient due to nose block, that's why my brain couldn't receive as much oxygen as before and that's why I feel sleepy?

Or maybe it's the ubat (medicine)? It's suppose to be a non-drowsy formula, but I seriously do feel drowsy every time I take that medicine.

Anyway, I don't feel like blogging for the past few days, no mood at all. My sickness is getting much better today, it's just a matter of time when will it be fully cured. Somehow I realize that whenever I am in an air-con room, my running nose get worse. Furthermore I'm working in a computer lab with freezing temperature (ok lar, me a bit kua zhang, but still...), no wonder my running nose keeping getting worse. I don't need to go to office today (it's Friday, yu hu!), that's why I don't feel much about my watery nose today.

It has become a habit that I must play my guitar for at least 5 mins everyday, to release myself from daily stress (what kind of stress?!?! I'm not working in call centre anymore). It's a kind of self therapy whenever I play guitar, although it's always out of tune. So people in Merlion city, pick up your guitar and play,strum, pluck, bang, whatever! Then we will have less people calling 1800 line just to bark at some unfortunate soul.

I came back from our first ambassadors meeting this afternoon with missions:-

  1. Prepare a short presentation about your country for next meeting, as we are going to meet up with those big who and big ha from International Office.
  2. Prepare some cuisine from your country, as it's going to be a party-meeting .

Once again, it's time for Abu to show her extraordinarily culinary skill. Did I ever tell you that my Abu is very good in cooking and baking? I remember when I was still schooling, my mum would make many curry puffs (like 60 pcs?) for me to bring to school, then my classmates (my class and neighbouring class) will come to dig my drawer during recess time. Or she will bake cakes or puffs, or make kuih-muih on alternate days. Thus when I was still a little girl, I thought that every mother is a good cook or baker, and as I grew older, then I realize I am such a lucky girl

So mission 2 is settled. Left mission 1. As Han is going to present Malaysia, so I have to present
Singapore. :( But I want to present Malaysia too...

Anyway, after much discussion with my dearest Linda, I have more ideas on how should I present Singapore:Singlish,Merlion, HDB, Durian Esplanade, Chewing Gum and 'Singapore is a FINE city'!

Definitely pun intended.

By the way, Linda told me that Alex told her that oral sex is illegal in Singapore. Well, I'm not sure how true it is. But I'm more interested to know if it is true, how would the law enforcement authority enforce such law? I suppose you have to catch someone-in-act... Any lawyer or police here? Please enlighten me. Thank you.

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