Friday, October 19, 2007

Bury me with my phone, just in case

Bury me with my phone, just in case
Posted: 18 October 2007 1231 hrs

LONDON - Bury me naked. Put a mobile phone in the coffin. Cremate me with my pet's ashes. Bury me with my teeth in. And do make sure I'm actually dead.

Those were some of the most popular requests by people planning their funerals, according to research by the British charity Age Concern, which promotes the interests of elderly people.

Britain is known for being a nation of animal lovers and it seems Britons cannot bear to be separated from their beloved pets - even when both parties are dead.

Age Concern Funeral Plans polled more than 100,000 of its customers and found that being buried with their pet's ashes was the most common funeral rite request.

But several top requests suggested many were worried about being buried alive, with those planning their funerals asking to be certified dead, a mirror to be held over their faces to check for vapour signs of breathing, and a mobile phone left in the coffin.

Others were related to appearance, such as being buried naked "as they came into the world" or with their false teeth in.

Top eight most common requests:
1. To be cremated with their pet's ashes;
2. To have a mobile phone in the coffin;
3. To ensure they are dead;
4. For a mirror to be held over the face to check for signs of breathing;
5. To be cremated naked;
6. To be buried in their own garden;
7. To be buried with their teeth in;
8. To be buried with all their savings.

Hhhhmmmm...interesting.... I think I would request for point.3, or else I would have to activate plan B, which is point. 2, which may scare my family to death.

"Hello hello.... hubby ar... can you pick me up at the cemetery? I'm being locked up here in a wooden box..."

P/S: I am not trying to play a joke with the death and I do respect dead people very much. Amitabha!

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