Saturday, October 20, 2007

Break record!

An lar.. It's not Guinness World record lar.. But it's my very own home ground record : Unique Visit.

Pink Leo's trap had been suffering from very pathetic per-day-visits for past 2 months, such as less than 10 per day. :(

30 Sep 07 - 9 Unique Visits
29 Sep 07 - 6 Unique Visits

And for the first time in Pink Leo's trap, we achieve :

19 Oct 07 - 69 Unique Visits

Although it doesn't bring me any monetary benefits, I'm in cloud 9 now!

I feel like dancing![dance.gif]


melvin,foong said...

Congrats!! Let the number get higher!

Pink Leo said...

Thanks melvin,foong..It's great to have you drop by!