Saturday, October 20, 2007


寒(さむ)いね... 秋(あき)...

It was 630am, and I accompanied Old Bean to Toyota, for car servicing. My duty of the day: Drive him back after he left his car there for servicing.

Although it was a simple task, when it took place at 630am, it became a difficult task for me, to be fully alert (must be alert when driving hor, or else easily langgar hor) such early hour.

Well, apparently, my worry is lebih de. The moment I stepped out of my front door, the freezing air immediately wake each of my cell up, including hair cell (hair got cell one? anyway my hair was standing straight).

Unconsciously, I shouted: 寒いね (samui ne = cold, in Jap)

Thanks to Jap drama, I picked up this word and use it frequently whenever I feel cold.

Since it's freezing now, doubled the coldness, it should be this instead:

Kao, si be 寒いね!

*Above statement is typical Pink Leo's language, rojak everything and form my own grammar and sentence structure. Please get used of it.

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Anonymous said...

take care gal. weather is getting cold there.

From Dar