Monday, October 22, 2007


$19 bikini. cheap, good quality and most importantly, can fit into my body first be sua gu bah! Got Bunga Raya on it o! What a patriotic Malaysian!

But I guess, I don't have chance to wear it before I slim down my tummy. :(

This weekend has been a shopping spree for me, spent money like water. Sat-$69, Sun-$69. 1 week salary gone. Most of my $ are spent on winter wear. I know bikini is not classified as 'winter wear', but hey, it's cheapest to buy in this season than summer; and thankfully, they have my size.

Sad to say that I tried to look for a suitable bikini for myself in Singapore before, it always ended up with either 'sorry Mdm, we don't have your size' or 'Oh my god, these little 2 pieces of cloths cost that much?'

Thus, I've this perception towards Singapore, this island country - Only slim women can wear bikini. Other women, please hide your flabby waist and shaggy butt under the diving suit.

Correct me if I am wrong please...

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Anonymous said...

wah !!! nose bleed !!! nose bleed !!! - xing xing