Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Being accused

There are always conflicts when living with your family, including being accused. Although it's a trivia matter, but accused remains accused.

What happened was, I just finished watching my tv program and was going to switch off tv, as a courtesy, I asked if anyone wants to continue watching tv.

No one replied.

Fine. Subsequently, I can't find the tv remote control (must use remote control to switch off the tv de), and I asked everyone if the remote control is with them.

No reply, as usual.

Never mind, I looked around while holding my cup which need to be wash. Hhmm...the remote control was not on the sofa, not on the table, not at the usual places.

Ok, probably let me wash my cup first and continue to find the remote control.

While I was just 2 steps away from living room, then Abu shouted angrily as if her money was stolen:


Sigh.... kena scolded for nothing.
Didn't I just ask if anyone seen the remote control?

Wasn't I looking high and low for the remote control?

The worst thing, the remote control was finally found on Han's desk, where he remained silent all the time.

I am innocent de!

Of course, I didn't bother to argue much and swallowed the dead cat->sek sei mao. It was too trivia to talk much about this (but it's definitely worth my effort to write it here, yeah)

So, moral of the story: Die die must switch of tv first, despite you have cup to wash/rubbish to throw/toilet to go/phone call to answer. Despite that your hands are full, find the GODDAMN REMOTE CONTROL FIRST!


Anonymous said...

chill chill. there's much more happy things that happen around the family than unhappy ones... its still worth while to tahan them once in a while

Anonymous said...

oops sorry forgot leave my name. in case ur worrying thats ur mum/dad/brother/mum-in-law secretly leaving a msg... this is SL. hahah...