Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ah ah ah chiu! A hm a hm a hm...

Had a lifeless Sunday, laying on bed/sofa whole day, bo lat to do anything. My situation worsen from merely sore throat, it has developed in slight fever + running nose / flu + cough / constant itchiness in my throat.

Abu said maybe it's due to season change -> from Summer to Autumn a.k.a Fall, people tend to get sick during this transition period. Ya, I agree. I've FALLen sick.

I thought I was so sick that I misplaced my car key. As far as I could remember, I was the last person who used the car on last Fri. But, I can't find the car key anywhere, and I'm running late after 15mins high-and-low hunt of the car key. Left with no choice, I've to call Abu in her laundry shop. Guess what? She kept the key in her handbag since last Sat. My head is getting more and more giddy...

Nevertheless, life still goes on. I'm here, half-life in my 8 PCs computer lab, just completed my assignment which I should have completed during the weekends.

I'm going to visit school doctor during my break, hopefully they can give me something that will end this whole misery.

Ah ah ah ah... chiu!

A hm a hm a hm...

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