Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sore Throat

Friday afternoon was an enjoyable and life-endangered day. It was my first meeting food tasting session with other ambassadors (from other countries), in Justyna's (Poland's ambassador) apartment, it's interesting to know them because they are really FUN and NICE people. As it's a food tasting gathering, so I brought a Malaysian dessert - Seri Muka a.k.a Smiling Face. In case you are not sure what is 'Seri Muka' , this is it:

Home made Seri Muka by Abu.

I brought a big tray of Seri Muka to the food tasting session, and return empty. Hmm.. I guess they really love this sweet dessert. Heng that I didn't bring curry. I also tried Marian's (Our ambassador coordinator form Switzerland) crepe with cheese filing (my favourite), yummy. And Thai ambassador Tip brought my another favourite, Tom Kha Gai. And Dechen didn't have time to prepare some food, she brought us lovely donuts (also my favourite) though. When I say lovely, it means yummy.

Oh my god, seems like every food is my favourite! Whatever...

After the food tasting, it was already late afternoon. As I was driving, so few ambassadors tumpang my car to go home. Hhmm... frankly speaking, I don't trust my driving skill, I wonder how would they? Anyway, There is always the first time. So I still drove them home. I made a few dangerous turns in Mesa St, and I was putting 5 lifes (4 girls plus myself) on stake. I must clarify that not all Malaysian drive recklessly. I hope next time they would still want to car pool with me. To Dechen,Tip,Mee and Justyna - I'm sorry about my lousy driving skill. I'm glad that you girls are still in a piece when you got off my car. Hahahaha... :p

When I got home, I got a surprise from Singapore - Lantern from Ms.Da. Although it's already past Mid Autumn Festival, but my heart was filled with warm. Thanks Ms.Da,you made my day.

Lantern delivered all the way from the other side of the world, Singapore

And today, after my afternoon nap, I felt my throat was dry and sore. And addting salt to the wound, today's dinner is Ma La Huo Guo (spicy steamboat). I couldn't resist the steamboat, it looks delicious. So, after the appetizing dinner, the soreness of my throat reach the max. Luckily I'm no longer working in call centre...

Hot hot hot!

I can't talk much now...

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