Sunday, September 02, 2007

Orange Fever

Finally the day has come, the Game Day UTEP vs UNM.

I woke up early yesterday, as in 6am in Saturday. Dad woke up as well at 6am while others were still sleeping soundly. So we decided to enjoy another donut galore in the early.

While enjoying my heavenly donut, I flipped El Paso Times, our local newspaper. No doubt American football is the most popular game in USA, the cover page of El Paso Times was this :-

Not only cover page was about the game, you can find the related news or article in almost every page:-

So, if you haven't heard to 'football' by this time, I bet that you must be 'katak di bawah tempurung'.

Those retailer or restaurant would be worried for their business of the day, because based on past experience, retailer shop and restaurant's business would be very bad, as everyone is gate crushing the game. Some maniac football fan would tailgating near the stadium on the night before the game, while others would reach the stadium maybe 3 to 4hrs before the game. Why would people want to reach the venue so early? Because parking is a big problem when everyone is coming for this game. So you have to come real early to secure a decent parking space. By the way, we paid USD20 for a sheltered parking lot.

Orange is our team color. Of course, I would wear orange to show my support. And I also bought this giant orange hand to enhance my orange power.

A must-props for football game.

Old Bean and Abu join the orange fever

The giant orange hand not only serve as a tool to enhance my orange power, it's also a handy digging tool. Nose digging I mean.

Han and his girlfriend

Home ground

Sea of Orange

Lone Star State, Texas

Go Miners!

Before game starts

As I didn't really understand the game, I find myself half-yawning-half-amused-by-different culture for the first 3 quarter games. The real exciting part was the 4th quarter (last quarter) of the game, where we are 3 points behind our opponent. Pressure started to rise and everybody were cheering hard for UTEP.
Lucky enough, we managed to get 1 touch down and it inverted the whole score board. We won the game!
Miners, you are the best!

Victory cheer!

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