Monday, September 03, 2007

A little significance of my birthday

We celebrated our 50th National Day not too long ago, and there were days where hot topic was 'Negaraku=Mamula Moon?' and YouTube's Negaraku rapper controversy... Whatever it is, I just realized that I'm somehow more related to our national anthem, Negaraku (not Mamula Moon), than others;other than being a Malaysian.

Got this from Wikipedia:
At the time of independence, each of the eleven States of Malaya that made up the Federation had their own anthem, but there was no anthem for the Federation as a whole.......a worldwide competition (of choosing a suitable national anthem) was launched. 514 entries were received from all over the world. None were deemed suitable......The Committee then turned to the Perak State Anthem. On August 5 1957 it was selected on account of the "traditional flavour" of its melody.

Ok, the key word here is 'August 5'. Why? Pink Leo was born on August 5 too. After numerous effort of searching for a suitable song as national anthem then, this was the day that we finally found it!

Well, August 5 was also the day that my mum gave birth of me after hardship of 9 months pregnancy, especially I am the first child.

I love you mum! Although I always give you lots of headache... :p

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