Thursday, September 20, 2007

It is an extraordinary day!

Hhmm...ok lar, maybe not to the extend of EXTRAordinary, but it's still a not-so-ordinary day.

Today, officially I start my on campus job-sitting in computer lab. What is my job duty? As mentioned:- sitting in the computer lab. It's such a small computer with 10 computers only, and out of the 10, 2 are Mac. So strictly speaking, I need to jaga the 8 desktops only. Easy huh? True enough, I just need to make sure paper is loaded at the printer, all computers (8 only) are working, people don't steal the mouse or keyboard or speaker or printer paper or.... whatever it is in the lab will do. Thanks for those thieves who steal the computer accessories over past few semester, that's why I got my job.

But come to think about it, what is the costs of 8 sets of mouse+keyboard+speaker+rims of A4 paper? Now that they are hiring 2 persons with paycheck of more than $500 per month (each!), just to make sure those 8 sets remain at the end of this semester.

Anyway, I love my job. Basically, I'm paid to sit there for 19hours per week, while I do my homework or study. And as I'm working in Biology department's computer lab, I have the chance to know people from other field, rather than just stay within the business circle. It's great to listen to those conversations which are not stock+share+investment+loss+profit. Did I just overheard virus, disease, immune, gene ... (Eeerr, it doesn't sound pleasant either). Fine, although it doesn't sound appetizing, it's still good to know few biologist.

Thanks to this job, it's nice to see my $$ increase steadily (See, business person...). I can hear cash register sound *chiching* now...

Han said I'm such a lucky girl, can find a job within a short period, especially I'm a new and international student. Whenever there are $$ to grab, I'll be there!

Money sucker Pink Leo.

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haha all the best gal

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