Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Habis liao... I just came back from 2nd interview of Ambassador Program. And I did it like KNS.. My ppt presentation totally betrayed me.

First thing, the nice-best to represent Malaysia spirit-background music was NOT working at all, perhaps due to different pc configuration. It was already a bad start, that made me very gan cheong. I was too nervous in front of 2 directors, my voice trembled as if I'm inside a fridge... Habis habis... I was still praying my perfect ending slide to work when I was halfway through my presentation, it's a Visit Malaysia 2007 video.

Guess what? As concurrence as a bad start, the video doesn't work at all. I was stunt there, don't know what to do. Panic! Worse still, I completely forgotten my backup ppt (which is series of photo presentation that I took in Melaka, Kelong and Penang previously) in case my video doesn't work.

Fine, Bad start+Bad presentation+Bad ending = Bad interview.

I guess I just blew my chance.

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Anonymous said...

Nvm gal think on the bright side. :D