Monday, September 24, 2007

Food Tasting

He he he he... Despite of my KNS 2nd interview for Ambassador program, I got the position. Now, I can proudly call myself an Ambassador of Malaysia and Singapore... in UTEP.

My first meeting with the rest of ambassadors will be on this Fri. Well, it's not really a meeting though, it's 'Food Tasting' for our coming Food Fair in Oct.

Food, it's definitely my strength.. not because I love to eat ( a lot!) , but it's because I've tasted most of the food from North to South, West to East (coast) of Malaysia and Singapore. As as we all know, Malaysia is heaven of food! Maybe the word 'heaven' is not enough to justify how wonderful Malaysian cuisine are.

A simple seafood meal in kelong (near Pulau Sibu)
Thanks to my ah-cook Abu (mum), she will prepare a Malaysian local delicacy for the food tasting.

Hhmm... should I bring curry? nasi lemak? satay?chicken rice? cendol? hay-mee (prawn mee)? char kuay tiao? nasi padang? roti canai? wanton mee? ikan panggang? putu piring? ramli burger? ABC? keropok lekor? tau sar pia? laksa? thosai? briyani? putu mayam? teh tarik? bak kut teh? bakkwa?chee cheong fun? popiah? rojak? yam cake?carrot cake? chwee kuay? yong tau foo? yau zha gwai?otak otak?kuih muih? tee ka chor? or ... durian?

Durian indulgence in Penang, fresh from Ballik Pulau
If I'm going to name all Malaysian food, this blog will go endless..

One thing for sure, I'm NOT going to bring durian, because durian is too expensive durian may not smell pleasant to everyone.

Don't worry, this is not smelly tofu.

Gosh, I'm drooling again. I miss mamak stall! I want to lim teh! I want to be a pig!

My favourite, roasted sucking pig. Yummy!

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