Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy stuff that you would do only when you are young

Again I was alone in my lab this afternoon, don't feel like studying despite the test is on tomorrow.

Browsing Youtube, and I saw a video related to my high school Pay Fong High School. Wow, nowadays education in PFHS is so different, they even have movie maker project - means your project is to make a movie/video.

As expected, teenager's favourite subject is those spooky one. Nevertheless, I must admit that these little boy boy or girl girl did an impressive job in their project, despite of limited resources.

We may not have the skill, budget, technique,stunt,script or props like Hollywood, but we still do good funny movie....

Along that line, I found videos which are really hilarious, pretty much remind me of my wild young days too.

I believe they were really 'high' at that moment.

Oh yeah, I was part of this too

And I remember clearly that I was still suffering from skin disease then when marching under the superb hot sun and that thick heavy coat. Doubled the stuffiness!

Not forget that the aftermath of carnival for school anniversary was a painful one.

But of course, we totally enjoyed the 2 days of celebration.

Here comes the usual tradition - Xian Jin (Donate/Contribute $$ to the school) must come along with 'special effect' But we didn't do it as kua zhang as this class.

And there are many many more memories which were so dumb and stupid then, yet sweet and sentimental now.

I guess, that was the only time that we have the courage to do all the crazy and stupid stuffs! I miss my school, I miss my unique school uniform, I miss our freedom learning style, I miss the canteen, I miss the days where it is ok for student to tear off the classroom... Huh?!

If I can turn back time, I want to do it again.
Those were the days...

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