Sunday, September 23, 2007


My left fingers are sore now, thanks to my new guitar. Yeap, that's right, I bought a NEW guitar today. So happy, although I don't really know how to play a guitar (faint~).

I hope I got a good deal for this guitar, with a price tag of USD227.30 that includes:

  • Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar
  • Tuner
  • 3 medium picks
  • Shoulder strap
  • Gig bag (soft)
  • Strings
  • Strings winder
  • Instructional DVD
  • Additional set of Martin strings

My new Fender

And later in the evening, Han bought another thing that I wanted so much previously, the Electronic Banking Edition of Monopoly.

Monopoly 'Here and Now', electronic banking edition

As we know, it is a cashless society now. Hence Monopoly has upgraded to cashless system too! You don't see stacks of 'cash' with this game anymore, we use card to credit/debit the money. Cool ya!

When I first saw this electronic edition Monopoly in a Hong Kong magazine on last year December, I wanted to get it so much. However, it was only sold in HK, Aus and UK at that time (not even USA!), so I've dropped that idea.

Now, it's available in USA. It's time for game!

Back to my guitar, I'm thinking on how to maintain a longevity life of my guitar. Any pro guitarist there? please share your experiences o! Should I get some maintenance or repair kit?


Anonymous said...

monopoly !!! Big money big money !!! :) - chin heng

Anonymous said...

just play your guitar everyday.. it'll prolong the guitar live.. once you leave it there.. it's sound will fade.. no more nice after sometime