Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sore Throat

Friday afternoon was an enjoyable and life-endangered day. It was my first meeting food tasting session with other ambassadors (from other countries), in Justyna's (Poland's ambassador) apartment, it's interesting to know them because they are really FUN and NICE people. As it's a food tasting gathering, so I brought a Malaysian dessert - Seri Muka a.k.a Smiling Face. In case you are not sure what is 'Seri Muka' , this is it:

Home made Seri Muka by Abu.

I brought a big tray of Seri Muka to the food tasting session, and return empty. Hmm.. I guess they really love this sweet dessert. Heng that I didn't bring curry. I also tried Marian's (Our ambassador coordinator form Switzerland) crepe with cheese filing (my favourite), yummy. And Thai ambassador Tip brought my another favourite, Tom Kha Gai. And Dechen didn't have time to prepare some food, she brought us lovely donuts (also my favourite) though. When I say lovely, it means yummy.

Oh my god, seems like every food is my favourite! Whatever...

After the food tasting, it was already late afternoon. As I was driving, so few ambassadors tumpang my car to go home. Hhmm... frankly speaking, I don't trust my driving skill, I wonder how would they? Anyway, There is always the first time. So I still drove them home. I made a few dangerous turns in Mesa St, and I was putting 5 lifes (4 girls plus myself) on stake. I must clarify that not all Malaysian drive recklessly. I hope next time they would still want to car pool with me. To Dechen,Tip,Mee and Justyna - I'm sorry about my lousy driving skill. I'm glad that you girls are still in a piece when you got off my car. Hahahaha... :p

When I got home, I got a surprise from Singapore - Lantern from Ms.Da. Although it's already past Mid Autumn Festival, but my heart was filled with warm. Thanks Ms.Da,you made my day.

Lantern delivered all the way from the other side of the world, Singapore

And today, after my afternoon nap, I felt my throat was dry and sore. And addting salt to the wound, today's dinner is Ma La Huo Guo (spicy steamboat). I couldn't resist the steamboat, it looks delicious. So, after the appetizing dinner, the soreness of my throat reach the max. Luckily I'm no longer working in call centre...

Hot hot hot!

I can't talk much now...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy stuff that you would do only when you are young

Again I was alone in my lab this afternoon, don't feel like studying despite the test is on tomorrow.

Browsing Youtube, and I saw a video related to my high school Pay Fong High School. Wow, nowadays education in PFHS is so different, they even have movie maker project - means your project is to make a movie/video.

As expected, teenager's favourite subject is those spooky one. Nevertheless, I must admit that these little boy boy or girl girl did an impressive job in their project, despite of limited resources.

We may not have the skill, budget, technique,stunt,script or props like Hollywood, but we still do good funny movie....

Along that line, I found videos which are really hilarious, pretty much remind me of my wild young days too.

I believe they were really 'high' at that moment.

Oh yeah, I was part of this too

And I remember clearly that I was still suffering from skin disease then when marching under the superb hot sun and that thick heavy coat. Doubled the stuffiness!

Not forget that the aftermath of carnival for school anniversary was a painful one.

But of course, we totally enjoyed the 2 days of celebration.

Here comes the usual tradition - Xian Jin (Donate/Contribute $$ to the school) must come along with 'special effect' But we didn't do it as kua zhang as this class.

And there are many many more memories which were so dumb and stupid then, yet sweet and sentimental now.

I guess, that was the only time that we have the courage to do all the crazy and stupid stuffs! I miss my school, I miss my unique school uniform, I miss our freedom learning style, I miss the canteen, I miss the days where it is ok for student to tear off the classroom... Huh?!

If I can turn back time, I want to do it again.
Those were the days...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007






秋意浓 离人心上秋意浓
一杯酒 情绪万种
离别多 叶落的季节离别多
握住你的手 放在心头
啊~不怕相思苦 只怕你伤痛 怨只怨人在风中 聚散都不由我
啊~不怕我孤单 只怕你寂寞 无处说离愁
舞秋风 漫天回忆
舞秋风 叹一声黯然沉默
不能说 惹泪的话都不能说
紧紧拥着你 永远记得 你曾经为我这样的哭过
啊~不怕相思苦 只怕你伤痛 怨只怨人在风中 聚散都不由我
啊~不怕我孤单 只怕你寂寞 无处说离愁

啊~不怕相思苦 只怕你伤痛 怨只怨人在风中 聚散都不由我
啊~不怕我孤单 只怕你寂寞 无处说离愁


New member of the Jungle

AhFaiZai (LogHeadYap) decided to join my thorne, and he shall be the King of Beast Jungle while I am the Queen of Beauty Jungle, it's a perfect combination of Beauty and the Beast.

Thus Pink Leo announces:

By the decree of myself, AhFaiZai shall be the new King of the Jungle, and I shall be the Queen of Jungle. *applause applause*

Please join me to welcome the new member of this humble jungle, we will continue to bring nothing-but-nonsense to all.

Good day and Good bye! *applause applause*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007









光阴似箭(小学作文‘常出现的字词’排行榜榜首),这已经是我到El Paso的第7个Monday。

周一到周四 - 工作,上课,跆拳道,睡觉。偶尔想一想木头叶。
周五到周日 - 既无上课也无上班,在家休息兼恶赶前四天的功课。没事弹吉他,随mp3自己唱免费的K,打保龄球,和弟弟斗个嘴。


潜意识会每天上来随笔一番,真的是我的online diary也。


今年的中秋,没灯笼,没公司送的月饼,没活动,没木头叶,没气氛。。。 没意思。


Monday, September 24, 2007

Food Tasting

He he he he... Despite of my KNS 2nd interview for Ambassador program, I got the position. Now, I can proudly call myself an Ambassador of Malaysia and Singapore... in UTEP.

My first meeting with the rest of ambassadors will be on this Fri. Well, it's not really a meeting though, it's 'Food Tasting' for our coming Food Fair in Oct.

Food, it's definitely my strength.. not because I love to eat ( a lot!) , but it's because I've tasted most of the food from North to South, West to East (coast) of Malaysia and Singapore. As as we all know, Malaysia is heaven of food! Maybe the word 'heaven' is not enough to justify how wonderful Malaysian cuisine are.

A simple seafood meal in kelong (near Pulau Sibu)
Thanks to my ah-cook Abu (mum), she will prepare a Malaysian local delicacy for the food tasting.

Hhmm... should I bring curry? nasi lemak? satay?chicken rice? cendol? hay-mee (prawn mee)? char kuay tiao? nasi padang? roti canai? wanton mee? ikan panggang? putu piring? ramli burger? ABC? keropok lekor? tau sar pia? laksa? thosai? briyani? putu mayam? teh tarik? bak kut teh? bakkwa?chee cheong fun? popiah? rojak? yam cake?carrot cake? chwee kuay? yong tau foo? yau zha gwai?otak otak?kuih muih? tee ka chor? or ... durian?

Durian indulgence in Penang, fresh from Ballik Pulau
If I'm going to name all Malaysian food, this blog will go endless..

One thing for sure, I'm NOT going to bring durian, because durian is too expensive durian may not smell pleasant to everyone.

Don't worry, this is not smelly tofu.

Gosh, I'm drooling again. I miss mamak stall! I want to lim teh! I want to be a pig!

My favourite, roasted sucking pig. Yummy!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


My left fingers are sore now, thanks to my new guitar. Yeap, that's right, I bought a NEW guitar today. So happy, although I don't really know how to play a guitar (faint~).

I hope I got a good deal for this guitar, with a price tag of USD227.30 that includes:

  • Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar
  • Tuner
  • 3 medium picks
  • Shoulder strap
  • Gig bag (soft)
  • Strings
  • Strings winder
  • Instructional DVD
  • Additional set of Martin strings

My new Fender

And later in the evening, Han bought another thing that I wanted so much previously, the Electronic Banking Edition of Monopoly.

Monopoly 'Here and Now', electronic banking edition

As we know, it is a cashless society now. Hence Monopoly has upgraded to cashless system too! You don't see stacks of 'cash' with this game anymore, we use card to credit/debit the money. Cool ya!

When I first saw this electronic edition Monopoly in a Hong Kong magazine on last year December, I wanted to get it so much. However, it was only sold in HK, Aus and UK at that time (not even USA!), so I've dropped that idea.

Now, it's available in USA. It's time for game!

Back to my guitar, I'm thinking on how to maintain a longevity life of my guitar. Any pro guitarist there? please share your experiences o! Should I get some maintenance or repair kit?

Friday, September 21, 2007


西北累!Si be tired!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It is an extraordinary day!

Hhmm...ok lar, maybe not to the extend of EXTRAordinary, but it's still a not-so-ordinary day.

Today, officially I start my on campus job-sitting in computer lab. What is my job duty? As mentioned:- sitting in the computer lab. It's such a small computer with 10 computers only, and out of the 10, 2 are Mac. So strictly speaking, I need to jaga the 8 desktops only. Easy huh? True enough, I just need to make sure paper is loaded at the printer, all computers (8 only) are working, people don't steal the mouse or keyboard or speaker or printer paper or.... whatever it is in the lab will do. Thanks for those thieves who steal the computer accessories over past few semester, that's why I got my job.

But come to think about it, what is the costs of 8 sets of mouse+keyboard+speaker+rims of A4 paper? Now that they are hiring 2 persons with paycheck of more than $500 per month (each!), just to make sure those 8 sets remain at the end of this semester.

Anyway, I love my job. Basically, I'm paid to sit there for 19hours per week, while I do my homework or study. And as I'm working in Biology department's computer lab, I have the chance to know people from other field, rather than just stay within the business circle. It's great to listen to those conversations which are not stock+share+investment+loss+profit. Did I just overheard virus, disease, immune, gene ... (Eeerr, it doesn't sound pleasant either). Fine, although it doesn't sound appetizing, it's still good to know few biologist.

Thanks to this job, it's nice to see my $$ increase steadily (See, business person...). I can hear cash register sound *chiching* now...

Han said I'm such a lucky girl, can find a job within a short period, especially I'm a new and international student. Whenever there are $$ to grab, I'll be there!

Money sucker Pink Leo.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Habis liao... I just came back from 2nd interview of Ambassador Program. And I did it like KNS.. My ppt presentation totally betrayed me.

First thing, the nice-best to represent Malaysia spirit-background music was NOT working at all, perhaps due to different pc configuration. It was already a bad start, that made me very gan cheong. I was too nervous in front of 2 directors, my voice trembled as if I'm inside a fridge... Habis habis... I was still praying my perfect ending slide to work when I was halfway through my presentation, it's a Visit Malaysia 2007 video.

Guess what? As concurrence as a bad start, the video doesn't work at all. I was stunt there, don't know what to do. Panic! Worse still, I completely forgotten my backup ppt (which is series of photo presentation that I took in Melaka, Kelong and Penang previously) in case my video doesn't work.

Fine, Bad start+Bad presentation+Bad ending = Bad interview.

I guess I just blew my chance.

Monday, September 17, 2007


What do you do when you are terribly bored? 人在最无聊时会做什么呢?




唉,在你骂我之前,可以让我辩护自己吗?试想,在这个鸟不生蛋,乌龟也不上岸的El Paso里,会有卖中文音乐CD的商店吗?




我就讲我自己好了。我现在,一面听着好听的旋律,一面和朋友chat msn。感觉真好,太谢谢Internet的发明,真是造福人群。

在和朋友聊天间,也翻看了之前我在Friendster写的blog (, 感觉好奇怪哦!原来我之前也写了不少无聊头顶的话题。纵然我的文笔不太流畅,它还是我珍贵的过去的一部分,是我人生日志的一小段也。


我想,如果可以回到过去,我会想要回到我高中时候, 因为,那是我最开心,学到最多,成长最快的日子. 当然,也经历了一些不愉快,遗憾的日子.但是,每一次当我回忆高中的日子,我不禁嘴角会扬起微笑。







Sunday, September 16, 2007




刚从ER回来。啥? ER?Emergency Room?

请放心,ER乃Exercise Room也。今天有一堂免费的ER Orientation。既然是免费,老板娘我当然不放过哦!今天的Orietation不错,了解了不少Gym的Do & Don't,出席的人也不多,只有两位-我和我的朋友Marco. 哈哈...大概学校只有我们两个Gym白痴吧!Marco是位从墨西哥来的学生 (物理系Graduate哦!脑筋可好的呢!),英文程度只属小六程度,但是热情是满分的,这和我们马来西亚人一样...(不禁想起一首歌‘我要用马来西亚的天气来说爱你’...)

最近无聊的看了两遍‘换换爱’和 ‘恶魔在身边’,爱上了里头的男主角-王传一和贺军翔。帅哥就是帅哥,多看几眼也不会闷。(叶先生看到这里,大概要气爆了吧? 公然搞心理外遇! 哈哈,你奈我何?我人在远方,na na na na ...) 我想,我是比较喜欢王传一多一点点,虽然以目前来讲贺军翔好像比较红。


好,要继续研究Accounting了...Debit是啥,Credit是啥。还有麻烦的Information System,要写一篇文章。对了,还有Business Law的第三章,也得好好深思熟虑一番。


哦,你可能会觉得奇怪,Pink Leo干吗写起中文博客?说真得,once a Cheena-pai, always a Cheena-pai. 用英文的叙述的我心情故事,总是好像无法讲得够味。虽然之前是想说accommodate不会看中文的朋友而写了英文的blog,可是现在,我要诚实地面对自己了。还是‘之乎者也’比较适合我(路人甲:你确定吗?)。

不会中文的chingu (注:韩文-朋友的意思), paiseh 啦 我承认我是鱼贩。

na ni なに (注:日文-什么,啥的意思)?.....不明白?

鱼贩=fish monger。那鱼贩是以什么为生?当然是卖鱼啦! 所以,卖鱼=Sell Fish, 也=Selfish。




Friday, September 14, 2007








怀念在Toh Yi周末别墅狂欢的日子,怀念半夜不睡觉唱K唱通宵的日子,怀念三无不时咒骂别人的日子,怀念一起打麻将的日子,怀念一起开心的日子。。。



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pumpkin Invasion

Today went to Wal Mart with Abu, and we saw various sizes of pumpkin there. At first we thought they are fake pumpkin for decorative purpose only because they look so fake like made of plastic, but the pumpkin are placed in food corner! So out of curiosity, Abu went to ask the staff whether the pumpkin are edible.

Well, yes, they are edible, and they taste good too. Hmmm..I should try that one day.
Why do I see so many pumpkin in supermarket? Because Santa Claus is coming to town.... No lar, It's going to be Halloween lar...

Mini pumpkin which look like toy

Mid size pumpkin
Gigantic pumpkin, that you can craft into scary face

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Zun Han!

It's 7 Sep again, it's my brother Zun Han's birthday. And today, we have a international student bbq night, so we went there to have some fun. We have food there, beach volley ball (there isn't any beach there, but we played on sand ground), water bombs... and sumo!

Fake sumo

Before we go for the bbq, Abu and I went to buy a birthday cake for my brother. In that bakery (It's a German bakery owned by real German), they make lovely cookies too!
While waiting for the writing on the cake to be done, we look around the bakery and found something familiar:


It's kinda weird when I saw the word 'Imported from Malaysia' as we are used to 'imported goods are from china or other countries'. I didn't know that German appreciate Malaysian tea and coffee too. Haha..

Oh yeah, before I forget, a song to my brother..

恭祝你福寿与天齐,庆贺你生辰快乐,年年年都有今日,岁岁都有今朝,恭喜你,恭喜你!gong zok lei fook sau yu tin cai, heng hor lei sang san fai lok, nin nin dou yao gam yat, suay suay dou yao gan jiu,gong hei lei, gong hei lei.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Zun Han, Happy Birthday to you!

祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐!Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le, Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le,Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le!

Selamat Hari Jadi, Selamat Hari Jadi, Selamat Hari Jadi, Selamat Hari Jadi!

See, I dote my brother very much!

Han vs nose digging

Obviously, habit starts from young...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Life is getting busier

While I was enjoying my relax life of not working and having classes after 6pm only, all of the sudden, many things come to me at one go. Interviews, group projects, self-reading (tons of that), fitness class, miscellaneous...

Today is a good day, at least it's a good one for me. I went to 2 different interviews this morning: On campus part time job and Ambassador of International Program.

Lucky enough, I was accepted for the part time job immediately (Hooray!), and start work date is on next Mon. I'm so happy that I can earn my pocket money so soon. But... this leads me to another tedious process of getting a social security number (sort of work authorization permit). Now I have to run to few offices to get things and documents done, but the officers are saying that the earliest that I can apply for my social # is on next Tue. Damn! This means that I can't start work until I have those few important numbers! Sigh, what can I do? I can just wait... and wait...

2nd position that I apply is to become an ambassador of international program, and I can represent two countries; Malaysia and Singapore. I need to go through 2 rounds of interview to present the countries, and the 1st interview was held in this morning, and it was a smooth one. What I need to do is to do well again on my 2nd interview with the big boss. Then I would be able to introduce my country and Singapore to others. I love to do these kind of stuff!

If everything goes fine, I should be able to earn enough pocket money for my expenses like petrol and to establish more contacts. Double up benefits - I get paid and I get to know more people.

And also, I'm taking up Tae Kwon Do class again. Why 'again'? Well, in case you didn't know, I nearly took black belt test for my Tae Kwon Do 10 years ago, but due to busy study and other commitment, I quit. Now, since Tae Kwon Do class is offered as free in UTEP, I shall just go ahead and pick up my punching and kicking skills again... This is also to commit myself to do regular exercise.

With all these activities in place, Pink Leo is not going to update her blog as frequent as it was. Nevertheless, I will try to sneak a little time from my busy schedule to roar here!

Take care folks!

Monday, September 03, 2007

A little significance of my birthday

We celebrated our 50th National Day not too long ago, and there were days where hot topic was 'Negaraku=Mamula Moon?' and YouTube's Negaraku rapper controversy... Whatever it is, I just realized that I'm somehow more related to our national anthem, Negaraku (not Mamula Moon), than others;other than being a Malaysian.

Got this from Wikipedia:
At the time of independence, each of the eleven States of Malaya that made up the Federation had their own anthem, but there was no anthem for the Federation as a whole.......a worldwide competition (of choosing a suitable national anthem) was launched. 514 entries were received from all over the world. None were deemed suitable......The Committee then turned to the Perak State Anthem. On August 5 1957 it was selected on account of the "traditional flavour" of its melody.

Ok, the key word here is 'August 5'. Why? Pink Leo was born on August 5 too. After numerous effort of searching for a suitable song as national anthem then, this was the day that we finally found it!

Well, August 5 was also the day that my mum gave birth of me after hardship of 9 months pregnancy, especially I am the first child.

I love you mum! Although I always give you lots of headache... :p

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Orange Fever

Finally the day has come, the Game Day UTEP vs UNM.

I woke up early yesterday, as in 6am in Saturday. Dad woke up as well at 6am while others were still sleeping soundly. So we decided to enjoy another donut galore in the early.

While enjoying my heavenly donut, I flipped El Paso Times, our local newspaper. No doubt American football is the most popular game in USA, the cover page of El Paso Times was this :-

Not only cover page was about the game, you can find the related news or article in almost every page:-

So, if you haven't heard to 'football' by this time, I bet that you must be 'katak di bawah tempurung'.

Those retailer or restaurant would be worried for their business of the day, because based on past experience, retailer shop and restaurant's business would be very bad, as everyone is gate crushing the game. Some maniac football fan would tailgating near the stadium on the night before the game, while others would reach the stadium maybe 3 to 4hrs before the game. Why would people want to reach the venue so early? Because parking is a big problem when everyone is coming for this game. So you have to come real early to secure a decent parking space. By the way, we paid USD20 for a sheltered parking lot.

Orange is our team color. Of course, I would wear orange to show my support. And I also bought this giant orange hand to enhance my orange power.

A must-props for football game.

Old Bean and Abu join the orange fever

The giant orange hand not only serve as a tool to enhance my orange power, it's also a handy digging tool. Nose digging I mean.

Han and his girlfriend

Home ground

Sea of Orange

Lone Star State, Texas

Go Miners!

Before game starts

As I didn't really understand the game, I find myself half-yawning-half-amused-by-different culture for the first 3 quarter games. The real exciting part was the 4th quarter (last quarter) of the game, where we are 3 points behind our opponent. Pressure started to rise and everybody were cheering hard for UTEP.
Lucky enough, we managed to get 1 touch down and it inverted the whole score board. We won the game!
Miners, you are the best!

Victory cheer!

Minerpalooza 2007

What is Minerpalooza? Minerpalooza is a carnival that held in my school UTEP yearly. What do we do there?

The token to everything

We eat...

Churros! I name it Ang Moh Yau Cha Guai!

We play...

I know you are not going to believe this, but I did hit down the guy 2 times out of 3 throws.

We fight...

Photo taken by me

and of course, it is a great important that you get a good camera man if you want a clear and nice photo of your fighting postures.

Photo taken by my brother

And, last but not the least, we smash car!

Indeed, this is a FREE country. Welcome to America!