Wednesday, August 08, 2007

An unexpected call

I bought another 28inches luggage bag this evening, kinda last min purchase as I just realize I need 2 big luggage bags to carry my personal belongings, instead of 1 big and 1 small bags. I was ready to re-pack my luggage, and my house phone rang. Thinking it could be my friend or my mum, so I answered the phone with kinda naughty chirpy 'hello'!

Out of surprise, it's my mother-in-law on the other side of the phone, calling from Kuala Lumpur. My parents-in-law (as well as my sister-in-law) wished me Bon Voyage and Happy Study.

Wow, I was thrilled! Well, I should have called her earlier instead of she calling me, to show respect to my parents-in-law. But I was kinda occupied for the whole day and now I'm going to re-pack my luggage, so I didn't manage to call her. My mother-in-law and I are not too close ( I still address her as 'auntie' instead of 'ma',as Mr.Yap and I haven't gone through the Chinese customary wedding yet), so I need lots of courage before I would call her. And I need Mr.Yap to be beside me when I speak to her, because I would be very nervous when I speak to her, then I would be tongue-tied again.

I did make a note in my mind to call her, maybe tomorrow in Changi airport, before I board the plane. So I didn't expect that she would call me at this hour.

It was a short conversation just now, not more than 5 mins. But it's warm enough.

Can't wait for the day that I can call her 'Ma'.

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