Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Secret 不能说的秘密

My mind is still ponder over the movie that I've just watched, 'Secret', directed by Jay Chow.

Frankly speaking, I didn't watch 'Secret' because of Jay Chow, I watched it because this is the only movie that is not bloody/ idiotic/ violence/ too chim/ scary/ same old topic/ stupid/ boring/ action only but no storyline.

I guess I'm just being picky on paying $8 for 2hrs entertainment. So I'm expecting a better movie that worth my $8 and 2 hrs, then I found 'Secret'. Based on movie critics on magazine, this is not a bad show.

Well, indeed, for this time, movie critics didn't trick me. Ha ha... I really can't classify which genre is this movie, as it has many elements such as romance, comedy, suspense, horror (maybe? I thought the female lead is acting as a phantom in this movie), fantasy, drama and musical... huh ?

Well, I shan't say too much about the captivating storyline. You go and watch this movie, and tell me what do you think.

Trust me, it worth your 2hrs staring at the mega screen. It really leaves some prints in audience's heart after watching 'Secret'.

I would give 4 stars out of 5 for this show. :)

P/S: If you are not a romantic or 'music' person, you may find the first 1 hr of the show boring...

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you !!! It was a very nice touching movie, my eyes were wet wet during some parts of the movie. I love the music arrangement very much !!! - chin heng