Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poison Apple

It's 6am here, and I'm being woke up by my dad's hp alarm. Sigh... He left his hp with alarm clock at 6am in dining hall, and in this small house, we can hear any ringing sound in any corner of the house.

So Old Bean, Han (my brother) and I woke up at 6am. Then my dad started to prepare breakfast and lunch pack for Han as he is going to work at 730am-daddy just need to heat up the stove and re-heat yesterday leftover food will do. Life is pai mia here, no food court or hawker centre around your house for you to bungkus food conveniently. So Abu have to cook almost every meal.

And me? having nothing to do (actually I've piles of things to do, like clear my luggage, but I'm just being lazy...), I wander around my house - front & back yards.

And Old Bean shouted when I was in back yard :

Ling! lu wu kua dio ping kor bo? Eh sai pek lai jia liao!

Translation: Ling! did you see apple (tree)? Can pluck and eat already!

Apple tree at back yard

Wow, never in my life that I've apple tree in my house. Back in Malaysia, we've have mango tree, papaya tree, pandan, or maybe honeydew plant. Apple is so 'ang moh'!

Anyway, I dare not try the green apple, because none of my family member tried that yet. Maybe, everyone of us is waiting for anyone of us to try that apple, to make sure it's not poisonous or too sour.

I don't want to be Snow White o!