Friday, August 10, 2007

Pain butt

Q: How do you know that you are in Las Vegas?

A: When you see slot machine or jackpot machine everywhere you go, you are most probably in Las Vegas now.

Slot machine in Las Vegas Airport

I'm now in Las Vegas 9 Aug 11.00pm / 10 Aug 2pm (Singapore), waiting for my last connecting flight at 12.20am to my home, El Paso, another 2hrs flight to go. I've been on the move for past 22hrs, and now 3hrs I will be able to see my family member liao.. Eerr... except my father, I think he is now in airplane as well, coming back to Texas from China. He will reach El Paso on 10 Aug late evening. Then, it is real family reunion time.

Still feeling fresh, compared to last few trips to USA. This long-haul from Singapore to Los Angeles is not that 'torturing'. For a change, I've took the direct flight SQ38 from SIN to LAX, instead of the usual transit point at either Taipei or Narita. Initially my mum was quite against on the idea of direct flight ...

Mum: Wah...very long ler... later you will be very exhausted...blah blah blah blah... Take the non-direct flight lar, at least u can take a breather during the transit.

Well, the choice in MINE. I pay for the air ticket, I shall decide. I wanted to try the direct SIN-LAX flight since it launched few years ago, and personally, I feel that's really time-saving for me. Compare this:

SIN-Narita 5 hrs, transit abt 1 hr, Narita to LAX 13hrs = total 19hrs
SIN-LAX = total 15hrs only.

Furthermore, the economy seats are different as well, it's called Executive Economy seat. What's the difference? Oh, the differences are Executive Economy seats are more spacious, givesyou more leg-room, comes with individual power supply socket on every seats and personalized entertainment system (aka video-on-demand). This is very important,especially for my long-haul flight, that I could still stay fresh when I touch down in USA. The service is like something between economy and business class. That's cool!

When I was getting out of LA immigration check point, the officer looked at my passport, and greeted me :

Selamat Datang!

Hee's heart-warming to hear own languages in foreign country, especially when you are traveling alone. I guess 'Terima Kasih' is the best way to reply the officer.

Sorry that I don't have much photo to share. My hands were full with a 3yrs old heavy laptop and a lady's handbag which contains a dictionary thick Harry Potter 7. The idea of searching for my camera in my messy handbag? Aahh...forget about it.

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