Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Orange power

There will be a football game (not soccer o, it's american football) in my school UTEP this Sat, at Sun Bowl. It's going to be UTEP Miners vs UNM (University of New Mexico). As a student, I'm entitled to a free ticket for myself. So, of course, I go grab my ticket just now!

Entrance of stadium

The stadium is big, can't imagine how's the atmosphere like when it's filled with crowds. Old bean(my dad), Abu (my mum) and Han (my brother) are going too, we are going to rock the stadium by wearing orange. Hee hee!

'Live' football this Sat, stay tune!

My school vending machine, with our mascot Paydirt Pete. Rock sia!

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Anonymous said...

errr.... dun quite like american football, too many time outs. But to watch it live at the stadium is a different experience. -chin heng