Monday, August 06, 2007

Older by another year...

2 big and 5 small candles.

Thank you thank you thank you to my wonderful friends... who celebrated my 25th birthday for me.... cum farewell party too.

Went to 2 different parties, first party was free and easy gathering party on 4 Aug evening until 5 Aug 12midnight, and I cut my first cake. second party was a bbq party with my ex-colleagues on 5 Aug evening.

As usual, mahjong and card games is a must for my party. And for the first time in my life, I won a tian1 hu2 天糊 in my mahjong game! So happy, though we were just playing chips instead of cash. No gambling, we are law abiding citizens.

My first cake, on mahjong table

I really enjoyed myself in both parties.... Well, the best party is not when you have the best venue, best food or best music. The best party is when your good friends are all with you.

Thanks pal, you guys really made my day. I will never forget this day in my entire life! Not the tian1 hu2 part, is the best company that I ever had

As for Mr Yap, proven that he could never be seperated with a computer wherever he is. See, even in my party, he is still glued to a computer. What a computer addict he is.

But, I must give him credit too lar... When everyone is busy with mahjong/bridge/tv/gossiping, he alone went to start fire for our bbq first.

And probably he was too tired, he banged into the glass door thinking there isn't any door there. That must be very hurt as the bang was so loud that everyone has to stop on what they were doing! Well, indeed, after a while, there is a big bengkak on his forehead. Aduh~ I feel so heartache.

The swollen forehead, above the eyebrows. My 2nd cake, on mahjong tables too!

Don't worry my dear. No matter how bengkak your face is, I will still love you forever! So long you don't despite my fatty bod. :p

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jwlaw83 said...

Happy birthday, gal! It seems like you're enjoying yourself on the celebration party.

Wish you all the best studying MBA in Texas ya :)