Sunday, August 12, 2007

From BOA to WF

Yesterday was my 2nd day in El Paso, and my dad brought me to do 1 very important matter - Open a bank account.

Gathered all my documents, so my dad drove me to the nearest Bank Of America branch to open a student checking account. Phew, when was the last time my dad drove me to a bank? maybe 15years ago? I'm macam back to little girl that cannot handles my matters, that need papa to bring me everywhere to settle the matters. Ha ha... I've been very independent in Singapore that I've to settle most of my matters myself. So it's kinda weired that I've to rely heavily on my parents and siblings to fit into the society here.

Alright, we've reached BOA, greeted warmly by a charming lady. by the name of Grace, and she offered assistance. So my dad told her about my intention of opening a bank account, and I produced my official documents such as passport, ID, driving license, acceptance letter. We thought that it would be very fast and easy to open an account and we should be able to leave the bank within 30mins.

Out of our surprise, the bank staff keep rejecting our request, saying that I'm a foreigner that I cannot open a bank account with them. WTF?! My family did open accounts with them and it was with foreigner status as well. Now they say I can't open an account now?

Heat is up when my father nicely demand her to check with her manager. In fact, just last week when my dad checked with BOA, they said I'm eligible to open a bank account with them. So we got a feeling that this lady doesn't know her product well, hence we give her another chance to check with her superior.

And who knows? Her superior, claiming to be a branch manager, also said that 'we can't open an account with them'. Despite on how we explain that this can be done and it was done before, the lady keep declining our request. Indeed, we manage to leave the bank within 30mins, however with nothing done except full of frustration.

Forget it! Since it's so difficult to give them a business, so we switch to another bank, Wells Fargo. Same thing, we are greeted by nice charming lady, Sylvia, and after knowing our intention of opening an account, immediately she says : No Problem! Let me get this done for you. And she even recommends me the best account package for student (as you know, student enjoys lots of perks). Wow, what a big difference in service.

During the account opening process, she explains to me every single details on what am I signing for, what should I expect from them and what should I do. On top of that, she also gave me few personal advices such as try to apply as much scholarship or financial assistance from my school, and even describe to me how to get to Finance Office in my school. Before I leave the bank, she also reminded me that if I need any assistance with banking matters, I can always look her up. How wonderful!

After this, my dad seriously considering that he should move all this funds from BOA to Wells Fargo. It means that BOA not only loss 1 business today (maybe they thought I'm just a tiny customer that doesn't bring much profits), they are potentially chasing off their existing customer.

Well done!


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