Monday, August 27, 2007

DBS can't handle simple request

I've been emailing to DBS for N times. However, they choose to ignore me.

So, I've decided, once I'm back to Singapore, I'm gonna CANCEL all accounts with DBS and spread the words around. That's why I'm posting in my blog.

I was so frustrated that I even wrote to ST forum yesterday. I'm rarely this nasty. But this time, maybe I'm just having PMS that I can't control my anger! But still, DBS surely has done a big mistake by ignoring little customer like me.

This is the letter I wrote to ST forum:

DBS was the first bank account that I opened when I moved into Singapore 7 years ago. Throughout these years, DBS has served me well and they were always fast in responding to my enquiry or request.

However, I've experienced the worst customer service from DBS in July. I wanted to cancel my Cashline account as I'm leaving Singapore for further study in August and I want to close all my account in Singapore. Hence I went to Toa Payoh branch for assistance. The front counter staff was very courteous to inform me that I can't cancel my Cashline at the branch, I've to call their call centre. So, I've called DBS call centre for cancellation soon after I left the branch. Neither I know that the call centre can't perform cancellation at their end but I've to wait for another call from DBS within certain days. I was slightly frustrated that I still have to wait for another call from DBS for just a simple cancellation request. However, I still agreed to wait for their next call.

As promised, I received a call from DBS after a few days, and this was where my nightmare started.

The DBS's lady officer called to understand why am I cancelling my account. After knowing my reason, she offered extension of membership fee waiver and asked me to reconsider the cancellation request. I nicely turned down her offer. She become agitated and insisted me to keep the account. She also raised her voice and demand me to let her know my real concern on why I want to cancel my account. Despite of how many times I keep repeating that I don't want to maintain any account in Singapore while I'm abroad, she ignored my reply and keep forcing me to keep that account. Feeling very annoyed, I have no more choice but to raise my voice back in order to catch her attention.

The call finally ended with her rude acknowledgement of my cancellation request, and I received a letter confirming my cancellation from DBS few days after the annoying call. Thinking that everything was done properly, so I left Singapore without further worry.

I checked my account via internet banking after I landed in foreign land, and out of surprise, my Cashline still appearing in my internet banking. I was expecting the account to be removed from my internet banking since I've received their cancellation letter, so I'm confused and email to DBS again to seek their confirmation.

DBS replied that they 'will' cancel my account now since I'm currently abroad, assured me that I will not see my account reflecting in internet banking from next biling cycle. Feeling strange, so I replied them that the cancellation was previously confirmed by their staff over phone call and I even received their cancellation letter long ago. It was very disturbing to realise that my previous request to such a big bank wasn't recorded at all. How should I keep faith in their banking service in future? In my reply to DBS, I highlighted the previous unpleasant call from the lady officer and would like them to give me a proper explanation on what had happened, or at least an apology.

1 week has gone and I still haven't hear anything from DBS. Worst still, my Cashline account is still showing nicely in my DBS internet banking after my latest billing cycle.

If such a simple request of canceling an account is so tedious and frustrating, I would certainly not bank with DBS anymore. I would urge those people that I know to reconsider their banking relationship with DBS as DBS can't even handle a simple request.

I've sent them my 3rd email, hopefully I would receive reply from DBS before end of this month.


Angry Pink Leo is roaring thunderously this time.

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