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Taiwan Naruwan 19 to 29 July 2007

Day 01 : 19 Jul 07

Departure from Singapore to Taipei at 8.35am reach Taipei International Airport at 1.15pm. Once we reached, we proceed to our Happy Family hostel near Taipei Main Station 台北车站 by Guo Guang Ke Yun 国光客运. Dragging a big luggage, we were somehow lost in Taipei Main Station. After few callings, finally we managed to locate Happy Family. And OMG, we are staying in 5th floor with NO LIFT OR ESCALATOR. Pai mia... 3 poor gals have to carry up our gigantic luggage to 5th floor. Yup, that's the price to pay for wanting a cheap accommodation.

But well, other than no lift, the conditions of hostel is considered good for NT$1000 (approx S$46.30) per night for room of 3, and it comes with free washing machine and air-con (air con is berry berry important during the summer).

After settling down and refreshing bath, we proceed to Dan Shui (淡水) for food and shopping. I found my favourite takoyaki ball there, it's damn cheap, nice and more balls there! And it comes with wasabi flavour too, my favourite too wasabi. 2 favourites into 1, yummy! Great that I come Taiwan, ha ha! But I also found my hated smelly toufu, can smell the toufu miles away.... puke~

Ooohh, my favourite takoyaki with wasabi. Yummy!

Day 02 : 20 Jul 07

Ok, our trip ain't just shop and eat. We visited National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物馆. I was really impressed by ancient wisdom of old China Kingdom. Regretted that always sleep during my history class in school.

Outside National Palace Museum

Night time we went to JUMP! ~ Mayday concert.... si be syok!

Day 03 : 21 Jul 07

Jiu Fen (九份) is a place with qi4 zhi2 气质 (that's what taiwan local told us), with beautiful scenery and nice food (food again...) I fall in love with the o nyee / yam ball 芋圆. My childhood favourite dessert ler...

Food hunt continue at night time, we tried the famous super big chicken cutlet 豪大大鸡排 in shilin night market 士林夜市. Indeed, nothing that I tried in Singapore / Malaysia can beat this. It's gigantic, juicy, tasty and .... cheap of course. What a chick...

I mean chicken cutlet. :D

Day 04 : 22 Jul 07

I'm standing somehow far (beside Eslite bookstore Xin Yi branch) from Taipei 101, in order to take a good picture of it. Sad to say, I didn't enter Taipei 101 (coz I'm not interested at all) , but it's good enough that I take this landmark photo.

After taking this photo, I went to Eslite (Cheng2 Pin3) bookstore to purchase my long-waited Harry Potter 7 - The Deathly Hallows. Hee.... Can't wait to start reading once I got it, leaving my travel partner Da and Allison wandering around in the bookstore.

Then we proceed to well-known Ding Tai Feng 鼎泰丰信义店 to taste the xiao long dumpling 小笼包, yummy yummy. And their pork rib 排骨 is really delicious too. See our satisfied smile.

Does this photo make your stomach growling?

At night we conquered another night market, Hua Xi Night Market 华西夜市. Food Food Food again.... too many good foods that I can't stop eating along the way, like this peanut wrapper ice cream 花生糖捲冰淇淋

Day 05 : 23 Jul 07

Finally we came to Xi Men Ding 西门町, tasted the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian阿宗面线. Hmmms..... taste much better than our copy-cat Shilin Night Market stall in Singapore. In this fashion district, we did something fashion too - hair cut. I did a rather punk hair cut, sigh, really not my style though.

The only No Bad Hair day.

Tonight, we no more go to night market, we went to Guess x 3 instead 我猜录影. Xian4 Ge1 宪哥 really look old among the young artist, but no doubt he is the *cough* uncle *cough* guy with most charisma!

Is he posing as sunshine boy 阳光男孩

Day 06 : 24 Jul 07

It's time we get out of Taipei and proceed to south of Taiwan, Kenting. It's rather long journey : 2 hours from Taipei to Zuo Ying , GaoHsiung 左营,高雄 by speed train 高铁, followed by 2 hrs connecting bus to Kenting 墾丁. However, it's very much shorter journey already compare to conventional way of taking railway train which takes about 7 hours plus to get from Taipei to GaoHsiung only. It was extremely hot in Kenting, or shall I say, burning in Kenting. Plus public transport is not convenient in Kenting, so we stay in ocean-facing hotel room during day time and out for dinner at night market (again!) at night. There are many childhood game stall in Kenting..... bring back my childhood memory....

Day 07 : 25 Jul 07

Despite of the burning sun, we did some sea sport and snorkeling. When I mention 'burning', I'm not joking. It tooks me great courage to leap over the sands in order to get to the sea as the sands is like cooking your feet. I swear if I place a raw egg on the sands, it will be cooked within 3 mins. Damn hot!

Day 08 : 26 Jul 07

Another longer journey to get to Yilan 宜兰, East of Taiwan. By the time we reach Yilan, it's already best time to visit night market. Yeah, I know, we are getting from night market to night market over these few days. But that's the place to be! Cheap and delicious hawker food with strong taste of local culture.

Day 09 : 27 Jul 07

Wake up earlier to catch the early boat to see the dolphine in ocean. It means another of sun burn since we will be in the sea for at least 2 hrs. No problem, all these is compensated by cute dolphine playing beside/in front/under our boat.

It looks like this photo was taken in swimming pool, but I was really in the mid of the ocean.

After the intimate session with dolphine and strong sun, we went to do something cool... I mean, cold...

Very cold very cold! This is the rare 'COLD' spring (usually you would heard of hot spring only, right) in Taiwan,Su-Ao. There are only 2 locations in this word that have natural cold spring, 1 in Taiwan and another one in Italy. I'm lucky enough to experience this cold spring.

Trust me, it's not really that fun when I was attempting to rendam my fat body into 22degree C water. However, after a while in the cold water, I feel great! Especially in such a hot weather...this is heaven! I can feel my skin is 'drinking' the cold spring......

This is my first attempt in the cold spring - Samui ne!

Day 10 : 28 Jul 07

Here we are, the Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival.

Night time we in Taoyuan, get ready for next day departure to Singapore. Nevertheless, before we go home, we went fro another round of KTV (1st round was in xi men ding). Song!

Obviously I grew N kgs more after 10days makan trip in Taiwan

Day 11 : 29 Jul 07

Home sweet home!


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