Friday, August 17, 2007

Half Life Laptop

I've attended counseling session 3 days ago, and decided to enroll 4 classes for this coming Fall semester. It means I would have classes from Mon to Thur everyday, 6pm-9pm. Kinda xiong... But well, I hope to complete all my 48 credit hours by Dec 08, so I have to work hard on every semester. And these few days, I hide myself all day in my room, eyes stick to my half torn laptop to look up necessary information about my school and study. I'm getting busier by now already.

Oh yeah... speaking of my half torn laptop, my sis, Ping, nearly 'killed' my laptop 2 days ago. I don't know what she did, somehow my monitor was half detached from the main body. OMG! Luckily I manage to reunite the monitor to main body, or else I will get her to buy a new laptop for me.

My 4 years old laptop, don't leave me at this crucial moment please...

3 different orientations awaiting for me on next week... Not sure what to expect though... Anyway, will just enjoy myself there. Hope that I can get to know some charming guys, I mean, friends from there. Eh hem.

Old photo @ 10 Aug 07
We (Ping and I) bought these sinful yet lovely donuts on my arrival night, at 5am. Yes, the donut shop opens as early as 530am. But due to my dear little sis remembered wrongly on the opening hour, we ended up squating and waiting outside the donut shop like homeless folk for 10mins before the staff let us in earlier on exceptional basis. Well done.

Excited Ping with Donut Galore at 5am

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jwlaw83 said...

I find Jin Jun and Hui Ping looks alike recently :) Well, my dear Jin Jun still kid!!