Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bump into an old friend

I went to Yishun last night, had dinner at Agnes's place. After the dinner, it was pretty late at 940pm and I felt that I need to go home asap.

So, I took 804 to Yishun MRT. Somehow, when I reach Yishun Interchange, an invisible urge tells me I need to get something from Cold Storage, despite that Cold Storage is closing in 15mins time.

I was lingering in Cold Storage, wondering what should I get. All of sudden, I bump into an old friend. A friend that I always afraid to bump into as I did something very sorry to him 3 years ago. Worse still, I never apologize to him for that sorry incident till date. Despite all these years we do 'talk' to each other via sms, maybe 2 smses per year - Happy New Year and Happy CNY, I never have the gut of calling him out for drink or meal, as I can't bring myself to face him.

So what happened? I was so nervous that I became tongue-tied...
Me: Eh? Hi.... (heart pumping very fast)
Him: Oh hi...
Me: (Mr Yap walking towards me) Eeerr.... (pointing my old friend) He is ... He is ... Jxx ... Jxx.... Jxx Qxxxx (Deep in my heart 'what am I doing?').
Him: Yeah, I'm Jxx Qxxxx. How come you are here? Where do you stay?
Me: Eerrmm...I was at Yishun. No, I mean, I was having dinner at Yishun... I mean, I have a friend staying in Yishun and I went for dinner at her place. I've finished my dinner, but I'm thinking what I should I buy here. (Mind totally blank) I'm staying in Woodlands now so I'm going back soon.
Him: Oh I see. Well, I just moved to Yishun 2 days ago only. Kinda surprise to see you here. Ha ha.. I heard from Siew Min (my best buddy from Melaka) that you are going to USA soon? is it?
Me: Yes, I'm leaving this Thurs, for study.
Him: How long will it be?
Me: Eeerrmm...2 years perhaps. But I will be back next summer for vacations.
Him: I see...
Me: (Wanting to end the conversation fast) Ok, I got more things to buy. Bye! (Escape from the awkward scene immediately)
My mind continue to blank for next 10 mins.

Maybe I'm just being sensitive, I've this strange feeling that I'm fated to bump into him before my departure. See, I never thought of getting anything from Cold Storage, but somehow my feet brought me there. So coincident that he also shifted to Yishun 2 days ago only. So coincident.... Ah.. I don't know how to describe my feeling.

Maybe he has totally forgotten the sorry incident, then I'm just being a fool to myself. Sigh...

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