Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Art Of Queueing

I was queueing for Cold Storage's cashier just now, at about 430pm. Although it's not peak hour, the queues were considered rather long as there are at least 5 persons before me on every line. No problem, I'm not rushing for time. So I joined one of the queue and patiently wait for my turn.

Suddenly, at this quiet moment, there were some nasty voices coming from my left and right rows, apparently there is this mid-aged couple couldn't decide which queue should they join.

Guy on my left: Come here, here shorter (queue)

Lady on right: Don't want, here shorter

Guy: Come here la... It's going to by my turn soon (hello, unless my eyes trick me, there are at least FOUR person before you hor)

Lady: (With 3 persons before her turn too) No lar..later my queue faster how? *grumbling*

Guy: (Trying to snatch the lady's basket) Come here!

Lady: (Holding back her basket) Don't want!

Then they continue to play tug-a-war for few more rounds. Sigh....

Anyway, the argument ended with the lady gave up her queue and joined the guy. And I seriously think that all the queues were moving at same pace, and I really don't think how fast can they be on either queue.

Please lar... for the sake of checking out cashier faster by 1min, do you really need to make such a big scene in the public?

No wonder people always say that Singaporean very kiasu. This is the best example of it.