Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!

It's Hari Kebangsaan again. We don't have any Merdeka celebration in my town, but I can do, is to celebrate this Malaysia Independence Day in my humble jungle:

(Pink Leo Roars) SELAMAT HARI KEBANGSAAN! 31th Ogos!

May peace and safe with Malaysia always!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Orange power

There will be a football game (not soccer o, it's american football) in my school UTEP this Sat, at Sun Bowl. It's going to be UTEP Miners vs UNM (University of New Mexico). As a student, I'm entitled to a free ticket for myself. So, of course, I go grab my ticket just now!

Entrance of stadium

The stadium is big, can't imagine how's the atmosphere like when it's filled with crowds. Old bean(my dad), Abu (my mum) and Han (my brother) are going too, we are going to rock the stadium by wearing orange. Hee hee!

'Live' football this Sat, stay tune!

My school vending machine, with our mascot Paydirt Pete. Rock sia!

Monday, August 27, 2007

DBS can't handle simple request

I've been emailing to DBS for N times. However, they choose to ignore me.

So, I've decided, once I'm back to Singapore, I'm gonna CANCEL all accounts with DBS and spread the words around. That's why I'm posting in my blog.

I was so frustrated that I even wrote to ST forum yesterday. I'm rarely this nasty. But this time, maybe I'm just having PMS that I can't control my anger! But still, DBS surely has done a big mistake by ignoring little customer like me.

This is the letter I wrote to ST forum:

DBS was the first bank account that I opened when I moved into Singapore 7 years ago. Throughout these years, DBS has served me well and they were always fast in responding to my enquiry or request.

However, I've experienced the worst customer service from DBS in July. I wanted to cancel my Cashline account as I'm leaving Singapore for further study in August and I want to close all my account in Singapore. Hence I went to Toa Payoh branch for assistance. The front counter staff was very courteous to inform me that I can't cancel my Cashline at the branch, I've to call their call centre. So, I've called DBS call centre for cancellation soon after I left the branch. Neither I know that the call centre can't perform cancellation at their end but I've to wait for another call from DBS within certain days. I was slightly frustrated that I still have to wait for another call from DBS for just a simple cancellation request. However, I still agreed to wait for their next call.

As promised, I received a call from DBS after a few days, and this was where my nightmare started.

The DBS's lady officer called to understand why am I cancelling my account. After knowing my reason, she offered extension of membership fee waiver and asked me to reconsider the cancellation request. I nicely turned down her offer. She become agitated and insisted me to keep the account. She also raised her voice and demand me to let her know my real concern on why I want to cancel my account. Despite of how many times I keep repeating that I don't want to maintain any account in Singapore while I'm abroad, she ignored my reply and keep forcing me to keep that account. Feeling very annoyed, I have no more choice but to raise my voice back in order to catch her attention.

The call finally ended with her rude acknowledgement of my cancellation request, and I received a letter confirming my cancellation from DBS few days after the annoying call. Thinking that everything was done properly, so I left Singapore without further worry.

I checked my account via internet banking after I landed in foreign land, and out of surprise, my Cashline still appearing in my internet banking. I was expecting the account to be removed from my internet banking since I've received their cancellation letter, so I'm confused and email to DBS again to seek their confirmation.

DBS replied that they 'will' cancel my account now since I'm currently abroad, assured me that I will not see my account reflecting in internet banking from next biling cycle. Feeling strange, so I replied them that the cancellation was previously confirmed by their staff over phone call and I even received their cancellation letter long ago. It was very disturbing to realise that my previous request to such a big bank wasn't recorded at all. How should I keep faith in their banking service in future? In my reply to DBS, I highlighted the previous unpleasant call from the lady officer and would like them to give me a proper explanation on what had happened, or at least an apology.

1 week has gone and I still haven't hear anything from DBS. Worst still, my Cashline account is still showing nicely in my DBS internet banking after my latest billing cycle.

If such a simple request of canceling an account is so tedious and frustrating, I would certainly not bank with DBS anymore. I would urge those people that I know to reconsider their banking relationship with DBS as DBS can't even handle a simple request.

I've sent them my 3rd email, hopefully I would receive reply from DBS before end of this month.


Angry Pink Leo is roaring thunderously this time.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Get well soon!

Mr. Mah is always like a big brother to me, helped me a lot back in shifter's day. And today, his father is having another surgery, nothing much that I can do, but I will pray hard for his father to have a smooth and successful surgery, and to get well soon!

So Mr. Mah, don't worry so much ya! I will pray hard for your daddy de! Jia you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hotline dilemma

I have some problems on my bank account, so I called Wells Fargo hotline just now, this is what I hear from the automated voice message system:

'Thank you for waiting. The average waiting time for the next available officer would be 45mins...'

Wow, UOB has certainly found it's competitor for the Longest Call Waiting hotline.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sex Education

As we know, we learn almost everything in school.

Here, now I understand what they mean by 'everything'. This is what I found in my school.

*Class Text #1*

*Tutorial #1*

*Class Reference #1*

Am I too sua gu or they are just way to open?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yeah, New Satellite!

After the Half Life Laptop incident, I decided to get a new laptop before my old laptop gone without a farewell.

For the past few days, I've been scouting for a new laptop over the Internet, and I found this ideal laptop that fits my little budget - Toshiba Satellite.

So I dragged Han and Abu (my mum lar) to Circuit City (macam Courts, but they specialize in electronic products, gadget and accessories only), to get this Satellite.

Standing upright

It comes with Windows Vista, AMD Dual-Core, 2GB RAM, 15"4 widescreen, buil-in webcam & wireless-LAN and most important, sleek outlook. Although it doesn't come in my favourite pink color, I'm quite ok with this black. Price tag? USD757... Beh pai lar..


And somemore, there is an additional bonus which was not stated on the description,which is...

A Mirror. (My hair got messy or not?)

Add on: Heng I bought this laptop yesterday. The price now is USD230 more than yesterday's price. Si be heng! More heng than kena toto!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Half Life Laptop

I've attended counseling session 3 days ago, and decided to enroll 4 classes for this coming Fall semester. It means I would have classes from Mon to Thur everyday, 6pm-9pm. Kinda xiong... But well, I hope to complete all my 48 credit hours by Dec 08, so I have to work hard on every semester. And these few days, I hide myself all day in my room, eyes stick to my half torn laptop to look up necessary information about my school and study. I'm getting busier by now already.

Oh yeah... speaking of my half torn laptop, my sis, Ping, nearly 'killed' my laptop 2 days ago. I don't know what she did, somehow my monitor was half detached from the main body. OMG! Luckily I manage to reunite the monitor to main body, or else I will get her to buy a new laptop for me.

My 4 years old laptop, don't leave me at this crucial moment please...

3 different orientations awaiting for me on next week... Not sure what to expect though... Anyway, will just enjoy myself there. Hope that I can get to know some charming guys, I mean, friends from there. Eh hem.

Old photo @ 10 Aug 07
We (Ping and I) bought these sinful yet lovely donuts on my arrival night, at 5am. Yes, the donut shop opens as early as 530am. But due to my dear little sis remembered wrongly on the opening hour, we ended up squating and waiting outside the donut shop like homeless folk for 10mins before the staff let us in earlier on exceptional basis. Well done.

Excited Ping with Donut Galore at 5am

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things that I'll never do in Singapore

I did few things that I'll never do in Singapore for past few days:

1) Shop for small-size baju. Yup, not L, not M, but S or XS. When I was back in Singapore, my baju are either L or XL, and M occasionally. Here? S or XS please.

2) Order a Kid's meal. And I can't even finish a Kid's meal! It comes with a big cookie, tall cup of drink (by the way,it's free flow), lots of wedges and a considerably large burger.

3) On the wheel again. El Paso is like Melaka, you cannot rely on public transport. So, I've to drive. The last time I drove was ... 6 or 7 years ago? I'm still trying to get use of left-hand drive and practise side parking. Hopefully, I would be able to go on the road by myself on next week.

4) Play basketball with my Dad. My dad manage to get this from our neighbour. So we try some shooting last evening. Too bad we only have 5 members in our family, or else we can play 3-on-3.

5) Last but not least, I have to WASH TOILET! In Woodlands, my husband would take care of those 'dirty job'. But here, I've to do house chore. Training ground to be ah-soh.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Poison Apple 2

Ok, I've tried the 'poison apple'. Hmms...not as sour as I expected though. In fact, it's quite crunchy! Much better than those being sold in supermarket, because this is ORGANIC de~

2 sweet loves

Old Bean shows me to his secret garden... Wow, I didn't know that other than apple tree, my dad plants roses in the front yard. As it's a bit hidden, so I shall name it 'secret garden'. Haha..

White Rose

From BOA to WF

Yesterday was my 2nd day in El Paso, and my dad brought me to do 1 very important matter - Open a bank account.

Gathered all my documents, so my dad drove me to the nearest Bank Of America branch to open a student checking account. Phew, when was the last time my dad drove me to a bank? maybe 15years ago? I'm macam back to little girl that cannot handles my matters, that need papa to bring me everywhere to settle the matters. Ha ha... I've been very independent in Singapore that I've to settle most of my matters myself. So it's kinda weired that I've to rely heavily on my parents and siblings to fit into the society here.

Alright, we've reached BOA, greeted warmly by a charming lady. by the name of Grace, and she offered assistance. So my dad told her about my intention of opening a bank account, and I produced my official documents such as passport, ID, driving license, acceptance letter. We thought that it would be very fast and easy to open an account and we should be able to leave the bank within 30mins.

Out of our surprise, the bank staff keep rejecting our request, saying that I'm a foreigner that I cannot open a bank account with them. WTF?! My family did open accounts with them and it was with foreigner status as well. Now they say I can't open an account now?

Heat is up when my father nicely demand her to check with her manager. In fact, just last week when my dad checked with BOA, they said I'm eligible to open a bank account with them. So we got a feeling that this lady doesn't know her product well, hence we give her another chance to check with her superior.

And who knows? Her superior, claiming to be a branch manager, also said that 'we can't open an account with them'. Despite on how we explain that this can be done and it was done before, the lady keep declining our request. Indeed, we manage to leave the bank within 30mins, however with nothing done except full of frustration.

Forget it! Since it's so difficult to give them a business, so we switch to another bank, Wells Fargo. Same thing, we are greeted by nice charming lady, Sylvia, and after knowing our intention of opening an account, immediately she says : No Problem! Let me get this done for you. And she even recommends me the best account package for student (as you know, student enjoys lots of perks). Wow, what a big difference in service.

During the account opening process, she explains to me every single details on what am I signing for, what should I expect from them and what should I do. On top of that, she also gave me few personal advices such as try to apply as much scholarship or financial assistance from my school, and even describe to me how to get to Finance Office in my school. Before I leave the bank, she also reminded me that if I need any assistance with banking matters, I can always look her up. How wonderful!

After this, my dad seriously considering that he should move all this funds from BOA to Wells Fargo. It means that BOA not only loss 1 business today (maybe they thought I'm just a tiny customer that doesn't bring much profits), they are potentially chasing off their existing customer.

Well done!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poison Apple

It's 6am here, and I'm being woke up by my dad's hp alarm. Sigh... He left his hp with alarm clock at 6am in dining hall, and in this small house, we can hear any ringing sound in any corner of the house.

So Old Bean, Han (my brother) and I woke up at 6am. Then my dad started to prepare breakfast and lunch pack for Han as he is going to work at 730am-daddy just need to heat up the stove and re-heat yesterday leftover food will do. Life is pai mia here, no food court or hawker centre around your house for you to bungkus food conveniently. So Abu have to cook almost every meal.

And me? having nothing to do (actually I've piles of things to do, like clear my luggage, but I'm just being lazy...), I wander around my house - front & back yards.

And Old Bean shouted when I was in back yard :

Ling! lu wu kua dio ping kor bo? Eh sai pek lai jia liao!

Translation: Ling! did you see apple (tree)? Can pluck and eat already!

Apple tree at back yard

Wow, never in my life that I've apple tree in my house. Back in Malaysia, we've have mango tree, papaya tree, pandan, or maybe honeydew plant. Apple is so 'ang moh'!

Anyway, I dare not try the green apple, because none of my family member tried that yet. Maybe, everyone of us is waiting for anyone of us to try that apple, to make sure it's not poisonous or too sour.

I don't want to be Snow White o!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pain butt

Q: How do you know that you are in Las Vegas?

A: When you see slot machine or jackpot machine everywhere you go, you are most probably in Las Vegas now.

Slot machine in Las Vegas Airport

I'm now in Las Vegas 9 Aug 11.00pm / 10 Aug 2pm (Singapore), waiting for my last connecting flight at 12.20am to my home, El Paso, another 2hrs flight to go. I've been on the move for past 22hrs, and now 3hrs I will be able to see my family member liao.. Eerr... except my father, I think he is now in airplane as well, coming back to Texas from China. He will reach El Paso on 10 Aug late evening. Then, it is real family reunion time.

Still feeling fresh, compared to last few trips to USA. This long-haul from Singapore to Los Angeles is not that 'torturing'. For a change, I've took the direct flight SQ38 from SIN to LAX, instead of the usual transit point at either Taipei or Narita. Initially my mum was quite against on the idea of direct flight ...

Mum: Wah...very long ler... later you will be very exhausted...blah blah blah blah... Take the non-direct flight lar, at least u can take a breather during the transit.

Well, the choice in MINE. I pay for the air ticket, I shall decide. I wanted to try the direct SIN-LAX flight since it launched few years ago, and personally, I feel that's really time-saving for me. Compare this:

SIN-Narita 5 hrs, transit abt 1 hr, Narita to LAX 13hrs = total 19hrs
SIN-LAX = total 15hrs only.

Furthermore, the economy seats are different as well, it's called Executive Economy seat. What's the difference? Oh, the differences are Executive Economy seats are more spacious, givesyou more leg-room, comes with individual power supply socket on every seats and personalized entertainment system (aka video-on-demand). This is very important,especially for my long-haul flight, that I could still stay fresh when I touch down in USA. The service is like something between economy and business class. That's cool!

When I was getting out of LA immigration check point, the officer looked at my passport, and greeted me :

Selamat Datang!

Hee's heart-warming to hear own languages in foreign country, especially when you are traveling alone. I guess 'Terima Kasih' is the best way to reply the officer.

Sorry that I don't have much photo to share. My hands were full with a 3yrs old heavy laptop and a lady's handbag which contains a dictionary thick Harry Potter 7. The idea of searching for my camera in my messy handbag? Aahh...forget about it.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

An unexpected call

I bought another 28inches luggage bag this evening, kinda last min purchase as I just realize I need 2 big luggage bags to carry my personal belongings, instead of 1 big and 1 small bags. I was ready to re-pack my luggage, and my house phone rang. Thinking it could be my friend or my mum, so I answered the phone with kinda naughty chirpy 'hello'!

Out of surprise, it's my mother-in-law on the other side of the phone, calling from Kuala Lumpur. My parents-in-law (as well as my sister-in-law) wished me Bon Voyage and Happy Study.

Wow, I was thrilled! Well, I should have called her earlier instead of she calling me, to show respect to my parents-in-law. But I was kinda occupied for the whole day and now I'm going to re-pack my luggage, so I didn't manage to call her. My mother-in-law and I are not too close ( I still address her as 'auntie' instead of 'ma',as Mr.Yap and I haven't gone through the Chinese customary wedding yet), so I need lots of courage before I would call her. And I need Mr.Yap to be beside me when I speak to her, because I would be very nervous when I speak to her, then I would be tongue-tied again.

I did make a note in my mind to call her, maybe tomorrow in Changi airport, before I board the plane. So I didn't expect that she would call me at this hour.

It was a short conversation just now, not more than 5 mins. But it's warm enough.

Can't wait for the day that I can call her 'Ma'.

Singapore Flyer

Don't be mistaken, I'm not referring to Singapore Airline. It's the new Singapore 'eye' that I'm talking about, the gigantic Ferris wheel in Marina Bay.

Read in that Singapore Flyer has installed the first capsule, and projected completion date is on March 2008. Pre-booking is open to public now, price ranging from $29.50 to $1500.

I start to imagine, if I could hold my next year ROM anniversary cum Mr. Yap birthday party in SF, how much would it costs?

Rough estimation, price tag of $3000.

Franking speaking, $3000 is consider ok for 30 pax party with unique experience in the sky.

Just that, I'm not willing to spend that kind of money. I rather keep it safe in my bank or invest on it.

Miser Pink Leo.

Secret 不能说的秘密

My mind is still ponder over the movie that I've just watched, 'Secret', directed by Jay Chow.

Frankly speaking, I didn't watch 'Secret' because of Jay Chow, I watched it because this is the only movie that is not bloody/ idiotic/ violence/ too chim/ scary/ same old topic/ stupid/ boring/ action only but no storyline.

I guess I'm just being picky on paying $8 for 2hrs entertainment. So I'm expecting a better movie that worth my $8 and 2 hrs, then I found 'Secret'. Based on movie critics on magazine, this is not a bad show.

Well, indeed, for this time, movie critics didn't trick me. Ha ha... I really can't classify which genre is this movie, as it has many elements such as romance, comedy, suspense, horror (maybe? I thought the female lead is acting as a phantom in this movie), fantasy, drama and musical... huh ?

Well, I shan't say too much about the captivating storyline. You go and watch this movie, and tell me what do you think.

Trust me, it worth your 2hrs staring at the mega screen. It really leaves some prints in audience's heart after watching 'Secret'.

I would give 4 stars out of 5 for this show. :)

P/S: If you are not a romantic or 'music' person, you may find the first 1 hr of the show boring...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Art Of Queueing

I was queueing for Cold Storage's cashier just now, at about 430pm. Although it's not peak hour, the queues were considered rather long as there are at least 5 persons before me on every line. No problem, I'm not rushing for time. So I joined one of the queue and patiently wait for my turn.

Suddenly, at this quiet moment, there were some nasty voices coming from my left and right rows, apparently there is this mid-aged couple couldn't decide which queue should they join.

Guy on my left: Come here, here shorter (queue)

Lady on right: Don't want, here shorter

Guy: Come here la... It's going to by my turn soon (hello, unless my eyes trick me, there are at least FOUR person before you hor)

Lady: (With 3 persons before her turn too) No lar..later my queue faster how? *grumbling*

Guy: (Trying to snatch the lady's basket) Come here!

Lady: (Holding back her basket) Don't want!

Then they continue to play tug-a-war for few more rounds. Sigh....

Anyway, the argument ended with the lady gave up her queue and joined the guy. And I seriously think that all the queues were moving at same pace, and I really don't think how fast can they be on either queue.

Please lar... for the sake of checking out cashier faster by 1min, do you really need to make such a big scene in the public?

No wonder people always say that Singaporean very kiasu. This is the best example of it.

Bump into an old friend

I went to Yishun last night, had dinner at Agnes's place. After the dinner, it was pretty late at 940pm and I felt that I need to go home asap.

So, I took 804 to Yishun MRT. Somehow, when I reach Yishun Interchange, an invisible urge tells me I need to get something from Cold Storage, despite that Cold Storage is closing in 15mins time.

I was lingering in Cold Storage, wondering what should I get. All of sudden, I bump into an old friend. A friend that I always afraid to bump into as I did something very sorry to him 3 years ago. Worse still, I never apologize to him for that sorry incident till date. Despite all these years we do 'talk' to each other via sms, maybe 2 smses per year - Happy New Year and Happy CNY, I never have the gut of calling him out for drink or meal, as I can't bring myself to face him.

So what happened? I was so nervous that I became tongue-tied...
Me: Eh? Hi.... (heart pumping very fast)
Him: Oh hi...
Me: (Mr Yap walking towards me) Eeerr.... (pointing my old friend) He is ... He is ... Jxx ... Jxx.... Jxx Qxxxx (Deep in my heart 'what am I doing?').
Him: Yeah, I'm Jxx Qxxxx. How come you are here? Where do you stay?
Me: Eerrmm...I was at Yishun. No, I mean, I was having dinner at Yishun... I mean, I have a friend staying in Yishun and I went for dinner at her place. I've finished my dinner, but I'm thinking what I should I buy here. (Mind totally blank) I'm staying in Woodlands now so I'm going back soon.
Him: Oh I see. Well, I just moved to Yishun 2 days ago only. Kinda surprise to see you here. Ha ha.. I heard from Siew Min (my best buddy from Melaka) that you are going to USA soon? is it?
Me: Yes, I'm leaving this Thurs, for study.
Him: How long will it be?
Me: Eeerrmm...2 years perhaps. But I will be back next summer for vacations.
Him: I see...
Me: (Wanting to end the conversation fast) Ok, I got more things to buy. Bye! (Escape from the awkward scene immediately)
My mind continue to blank for next 10 mins.

Maybe I'm just being sensitive, I've this strange feeling that I'm fated to bump into him before my departure. See, I never thought of getting anything from Cold Storage, but somehow my feet brought me there. So coincident that he also shifted to Yishun 2 days ago only. So coincident.... Ah.. I don't know how to describe my feeling.

Maybe he has totally forgotten the sorry incident, then I'm just being a fool to myself. Sigh...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Older by another year...

2 big and 5 small candles.

Thank you thank you thank you to my wonderful friends... who celebrated my 25th birthday for me.... cum farewell party too.

Went to 2 different parties, first party was free and easy gathering party on 4 Aug evening until 5 Aug 12midnight, and I cut my first cake. second party was a bbq party with my ex-colleagues on 5 Aug evening.

As usual, mahjong and card games is a must for my party. And for the first time in my life, I won a tian1 hu2 天糊 in my mahjong game! So happy, though we were just playing chips instead of cash. No gambling, we are law abiding citizens.

My first cake, on mahjong table

I really enjoyed myself in both parties.... Well, the best party is not when you have the best venue, best food or best music. The best party is when your good friends are all with you.

Thanks pal, you guys really made my day. I will never forget this day in my entire life! Not the tian1 hu2 part, is the best company that I ever had

As for Mr Yap, proven that he could never be seperated with a computer wherever he is. See, even in my party, he is still glued to a computer. What a computer addict he is.

But, I must give him credit too lar... When everyone is busy with mahjong/bridge/tv/gossiping, he alone went to start fire for our bbq first.

And probably he was too tired, he banged into the glass door thinking there isn't any door there. That must be very hurt as the bang was so loud that everyone has to stop on what they were doing! Well, indeed, after a while, there is a big bengkak on his forehead. Aduh~ I feel so heartache.

The swollen forehead, above the eyebrows. My 2nd cake, on mahjong tables too!

Don't worry my dear. No matter how bengkak your face is, I will still love you forever! So long you don't despite my fatty bod. :p

Saturday, August 04, 2007



木头叶: 嗯 (专注着打电玩)
我: 他真的是一个忙人..
木头叶: '盲'人?

真的是同音不同义啊! 差很多咧...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Taiwan Naruwan 19 to 29 July 2007

Day 01 : 19 Jul 07

Departure from Singapore to Taipei at 8.35am reach Taipei International Airport at 1.15pm. Once we reached, we proceed to our Happy Family hostel near Taipei Main Station 台北车站 by Guo Guang Ke Yun 国光客运. Dragging a big luggage, we were somehow lost in Taipei Main Station. After few callings, finally we managed to locate Happy Family. And OMG, we are staying in 5th floor with NO LIFT OR ESCALATOR. Pai mia... 3 poor gals have to carry up our gigantic luggage to 5th floor. Yup, that's the price to pay for wanting a cheap accommodation.

But well, other than no lift, the conditions of hostel is considered good for NT$1000 (approx S$46.30) per night for room of 3, and it comes with free washing machine and air-con (air con is berry berry important during the summer).

After settling down and refreshing bath, we proceed to Dan Shui (淡水) for food and shopping. I found my favourite takoyaki ball there, it's damn cheap, nice and more balls there! And it comes with wasabi flavour too, my favourite too wasabi. 2 favourites into 1, yummy! Great that I come Taiwan, ha ha! But I also found my hated smelly toufu, can smell the toufu miles away.... puke~

Ooohh, my favourite takoyaki with wasabi. Yummy!

Day 02 : 20 Jul 07

Ok, our trip ain't just shop and eat. We visited National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物馆. I was really impressed by ancient wisdom of old China Kingdom. Regretted that always sleep during my history class in school.

Outside National Palace Museum

Night time we went to JUMP! ~ Mayday concert.... si be syok!

Day 03 : 21 Jul 07

Jiu Fen (九份) is a place with qi4 zhi2 气质 (that's what taiwan local told us), with beautiful scenery and nice food (food again...) I fall in love with the o nyee / yam ball 芋圆. My childhood favourite dessert ler...

Food hunt continue at night time, we tried the famous super big chicken cutlet 豪大大鸡排 in shilin night market 士林夜市. Indeed, nothing that I tried in Singapore / Malaysia can beat this. It's gigantic, juicy, tasty and .... cheap of course. What a chick...

I mean chicken cutlet. :D

Day 04 : 22 Jul 07

I'm standing somehow far (beside Eslite bookstore Xin Yi branch) from Taipei 101, in order to take a good picture of it. Sad to say, I didn't enter Taipei 101 (coz I'm not interested at all) , but it's good enough that I take this landmark photo.

After taking this photo, I went to Eslite (Cheng2 Pin3) bookstore to purchase my long-waited Harry Potter 7 - The Deathly Hallows. Hee.... Can't wait to start reading once I got it, leaving my travel partner Da and Allison wandering around in the bookstore.

Then we proceed to well-known Ding Tai Feng 鼎泰丰信义店 to taste the xiao long dumpling 小笼包, yummy yummy. And their pork rib 排骨 is really delicious too. See our satisfied smile.

Does this photo make your stomach growling?

At night we conquered another night market, Hua Xi Night Market 华西夜市. Food Food Food again.... too many good foods that I can't stop eating along the way, like this peanut wrapper ice cream 花生糖捲冰淇淋

Day 05 : 23 Jul 07

Finally we came to Xi Men Ding 西门町, tasted the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian阿宗面线. Hmmms..... taste much better than our copy-cat Shilin Night Market stall in Singapore. In this fashion district, we did something fashion too - hair cut. I did a rather punk hair cut, sigh, really not my style though.

The only No Bad Hair day.

Tonight, we no more go to night market, we went to Guess x 3 instead 我猜录影. Xian4 Ge1 宪哥 really look old among the young artist, but no doubt he is the *cough* uncle *cough* guy with most charisma!

Is he posing as sunshine boy 阳光男孩

Day 06 : 24 Jul 07

It's time we get out of Taipei and proceed to south of Taiwan, Kenting. It's rather long journey : 2 hours from Taipei to Zuo Ying , GaoHsiung 左营,高雄 by speed train 高铁, followed by 2 hrs connecting bus to Kenting 墾丁. However, it's very much shorter journey already compare to conventional way of taking railway train which takes about 7 hours plus to get from Taipei to GaoHsiung only. It was extremely hot in Kenting, or shall I say, burning in Kenting. Plus public transport is not convenient in Kenting, so we stay in ocean-facing hotel room during day time and out for dinner at night market (again!) at night. There are many childhood game stall in Kenting..... bring back my childhood memory....

Day 07 : 25 Jul 07

Despite of the burning sun, we did some sea sport and snorkeling. When I mention 'burning', I'm not joking. It tooks me great courage to leap over the sands in order to get to the sea as the sands is like cooking your feet. I swear if I place a raw egg on the sands, it will be cooked within 3 mins. Damn hot!

Day 08 : 26 Jul 07

Another longer journey to get to Yilan 宜兰, East of Taiwan. By the time we reach Yilan, it's already best time to visit night market. Yeah, I know, we are getting from night market to night market over these few days. But that's the place to be! Cheap and delicious hawker food with strong taste of local culture.

Day 09 : 27 Jul 07

Wake up earlier to catch the early boat to see the dolphine in ocean. It means another of sun burn since we will be in the sea for at least 2 hrs. No problem, all these is compensated by cute dolphine playing beside/in front/under our boat.

It looks like this photo was taken in swimming pool, but I was really in the mid of the ocean.

After the intimate session with dolphine and strong sun, we went to do something cool... I mean, cold...

Very cold very cold! This is the rare 'COLD' spring (usually you would heard of hot spring only, right) in Taiwan,Su-Ao. There are only 2 locations in this word that have natural cold spring, 1 in Taiwan and another one in Italy. I'm lucky enough to experience this cold spring.

Trust me, it's not really that fun when I was attempting to rendam my fat body into 22degree C water. However, after a while in the cold water, I feel great! Especially in such a hot weather...this is heaven! I can feel my skin is 'drinking' the cold spring......

This is my first attempt in the cold spring - Samui ne!

Day 10 : 28 Jul 07

Here we are, the Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival.

Night time we in Taoyuan, get ready for next day departure to Singapore. Nevertheless, before we go home, we went fro another round of KTV (1st round was in xi men ding). Song!

Obviously I grew N kgs more after 10days makan trip in Taiwan

Day 11 : 29 Jul 07

Home sweet home!