Monday, July 18, 2011

Snoring moment

The best moment in my marriage is perhaps hearing the snores from Mr.Yap. It means...

1. He is still alive
2. He is at home
3. He is sleeping 'soundly' literally
4. He is not hooked onto his computer game in the wee hours
5. He will love me more when he wakes up (ok, I made this up...but who knows??)

It may sound weird, but this is indeed my best moment in my marriage.

What is your best moment?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gosh.... Where have I been for past 13 months...

Gosh... Where have I been for past 13 months?

One word: Motherhood.

Ever since wearing the new hat of 'Mummy' on 10 June 2010, everyday is a fresh day awaiting excitement to happen (or accident? Ha ha... poo poo accident I mean). Waiting for baby's first smile, first laugh, first flip, first crawl, first walk, first 'mama'....

Yeah, I've been waiting for JH to say 'mama' until my neck is as long as giraffe. Still, he would just stick to 'papa' or 'kia kia' (Where did he learn the word kia kia from? Hmmmm..... walk walk maybe? in Hokkien?)

Anyway, just wanna keep my blog breathing. Wouldn't want to say to keep my blog 'alive', just breathing...

By the way, JH wanna say hi to everyone...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tips on how to choose a good gynae

First of all, don't expect that I would really give you a good tips on how to choose a good gynae, because this is a blog post, not a medical article.

Personally, after seeing my gynae for good 8 months, I've figured out probably I can at least share one good tips on how to choose a good gynae: Choose the one with great sense of humour.

As you know, pregnancy is full of excitement, frustration, worries, anticipation, uncertainties, pain, anger blah blah blah blah... It would be good if someone with good sense of humour could add some liveliness to your pregnancy experience.

On my previous regular visit to my gynae, doctor commented that my Siu Yip is pretty large for its 'age' (gestational age lah~). As I am all into natural delivery, big baby could spell challenges during delivery. So I asked my doctor: So if the baby is too large, does it mean that I cannot go for natural delivery?

My doctor just replied calmly in a matter-of-fact way: No, you still can try for natural delivery, just that the baby will get stuck during the delivery.

I was like -.-'!|... What kind of reply is this?

Today, another regular visit (as you are close to due date, you do visit your gynae more frequently than usual). I was pretty worried about my constant sharp stabbing pain in my vagina (the feeling is like someone just stabbed a sharp knife into it, sorry for TMI), so I asked doctor again, is that something that I should be worried about?

My doctor, suddenly get so excited about my question and said: You know what? You should ENJOY (he actually emphasized this word) these pains because during the delivery, it is going to be one million times more painful than these. So, enjoy them ya!

Mr.Yap and I both were like 'Walao...'

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Start making your CPF nomination TODAY!

You know why?

Because I've just read this today:

Q: How will my CPF savings be distributed under the intestacy laws?
A: If you are non-Muslim, the Public Trustee will distribute your CPF savings in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act (Cap 146). Your CPF savings will be distributed to your family in the following manner as shown here.

Member Dies Leaving: Spouse (no children, no parent)
Distributed to (Share of CPF) Spouse (whole)

Member Dies Leaving: Spouse, children
Distributed to (Share of CPF) Spouse (1/2), Children (1/2 to be shared equally)

Member Dies Leaving: No spouse, no children, no parent, no brother or sister, no grandparent, no uncle or aunt
Distributed to (Share of CPF) ......

Government (whole)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pram sponsor

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Hmmm... my last post was about morning sickness which happened during my first trimester. Now what? I've just entered my third trimester, how fast!

Things certainly changed a lot over the last few months. For obvious one, my bump is pretty big now, imagine ball carrying all the time. Not something I would feel very comfortable, but very comforting to know that my baby is doing well. Hmm, maybe too well because he is overweight at his 'age' now. Ha ha.... Hei Siu Yip, time to do more exercise before you become giant baby!

And yup, it's a boy! How exciting is that! Not that if it's a girl it would be less exciting (in fact, I was hoping my first baby would be a girl, but it's heaven's will that I should start with a boy), just that now we can officially go on shopping spree on blue color baby products. And when I said 'we', I meant my dear friends who seem more excited than me that I am expecting. For one example, Da already bought Siu Yip's romper on her Australia trip, way ahead of me. If it wasn't the gender was unknown at the time of her trip, I guess Siu Yip would have full wardrobe of baby clothes when she returns. Ha ha. She was struggling to whether get a Superman or Wonderwoman costume over there, how sweet!

Speaking of exercise, siu yip has been quiet down since last week, not so much kicking as compared to second trimester.

Siu Yip's invisible kicks!

Maybe the room is getting more and more cramped that he doesn't have much space to spread the arms and legs....which is FINE because it does hurt when he kicks too much. Just make sure he keeps at least few kicks daily so that I know he is still there.

Entering 27th weeks now, I start to feel that time really flies and I should really get ready the cot, clothes, diapers, milk bottle, milk powder, pram and etc etc. But lucky me, I don't have many things to prepare because friends can't wait to hand me their pre-loved (aka second hand) baby items. Now, I just need to get a baby pram and the rest are pretty much set. Any pram sponsor? anyone? hello?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Truth about Morning Sickness

Don't be fooled by the word 'Morning Sickness'. It ain't just happen in the morning.

In fact, it happens all the time. When you are sleeping, when you are having lunch or dinner, when you are in MRT, when you are on the phone, when you are showering (yes, it happens!), when you are brushing your teeth (that's the worst!), and even during your most important meeting with you VIP client.

So don't ask me why I am still vomit during dinner time, because it is not just 'morning' sickness. It is '24/7' sickness.

Dad-to-be, I know there is nothing you can do about your dear's sickness. But don't just keep playing game while she is trying hard to stop being a merlion. Ok?

Show some support, clean up her mess. She would appreciate it very much, trust me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I want to be a man in my next life

There is no such thing as gender equality. NEVER I should say. The definition of 'gender' includes many roles that are set by default. For example, woman should give birth (nothing I could do to change this, although I would very much like to); man should be strong and masculine (though many have decided to switch side, let say in Thailand); woman should do housework; man should be the breadwinner...blah blah blah blah...

While everybody claims that the world has changed, or is changing, people would always fall back to the basic definition of gender's roles. I am not saying that this is not good, but I just hate the mindset of 'by default'.

Let me quote you a real life example:

Both Mr.Yap and I have to work, just like you and everyone, from morning to evening (or late evening sometimes). After work, we both get tired and lethargic after a day of meeting-the-deadlines,mind-battling-with-the-boss,bitching-among-the-colleagues and etc.

Mr.Yap, as the name suggested, a 'MAN', upon arriving home, could just switch on his beloved computer game and continue his virtual fantasy of slaying the dragons or killing the enemies. Full Stop.

As for moi, a 'LADY' (no, I don't like the word 'woman'), upon arriving home, I have to quickly make the dinner (that include preparation and cooking) plus do the laundry plus vacum the floor plus iron the clothes plus giving Mr.Yap a good massage for his all day long hardwork plus top up the grocery plus anything at home that needs my attention. No full stop, always a comma.

One good thing, I don't have to do dishwashing because Mr.Yap has generously take over that job. And whenever I tell my friends about this, they would say 'Wah...your husband so nice ar, help you to do housework ar....' yada yada yada.

Hello!!!!! Man just need to take over one tiny 'by default' job from us and they win all the praises. On the other hand, we ladies have to work like a man in the office and continue to work as a woman at home. Do we win any praises? Anyone?

I want to be a man in my next life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bye bye my blog...

It has been more than a month that I didn't update my blog. Why?

First, I was busy with traveling and job hunt.

Second, suddenly I was employed and started working since Monday.

Third, since I am already back in Singapore, why should I blog to keep my friends in Singapore updated? Just ring them and meet up will do!
[Note: This blog was setup before I went to US, mainly is to keep my friends in the loop of what's happening to me in US]

Therefore, this blog is dying.... very soon.

Friends, if you want to know what's happening in my life, just facebook me or ring me la! Ha ha....

I will blog once in the blue blue moon... zzzzz....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

JetStarAsia is hopeless

I had enough of JetStarAsia....I tried to book a one-way ticket for Mr.Yap and I since last month, and I have tolerant enough to try different method to successfully book a ticket.

Walao, I just want the god damn one-way ticket, so difficult meh?

First of all, when I use FireFox, I have no where to click to complete my booking

I happily fill up the details....

To find that there is no 'continue' or 'next' to click

Fine, I use IE instead. Very tolerant bah me as a customer. It come out, WORSE!

And when I called them, the machine just said 'we are not able to answer your call' and end the call. WTF? You are suppose to be 24hours!

Try after try, finally I am connected...with another machine which keep saying 'please visit our website'. F**k you lar..If I can do it at website, why am I calling you now?

Finally when I managed to talk to a human from the hotline, she didn't even bother to explain the errors in internet booking and proceed the booking via phone.

Is that end of the story?

Hell NOT!

I only have TWO passengers, and BOTH of the names are recorded wrongly in the reservation.

What wrong with JetStarAsia? Ready to bankrupt liao is it? Or they only retarted people to work?

Well, I am probably the most retarded people coz I booked their flight. Ha ha. (trying a lame joke)

After all the trouble, only to find out that JetStarAsia is a hopeless lousy airline. This would be my very last time with JetStartAsia. Hopefully so do the same for you.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Call me Master!

Opps, pardon for my M.I.A. (Missing in Action) for the past 3 weeks, was busy with many things...

First of all, I am officially a Master!

On 16 May 2009, I proudly wore my graduation gown and hood, together with the cap and some sai-kong alike and curtain-rope alike honor society banner.

And on the stage, I proudly walk to the dean for a hand shake...

And who knows the photo turn out this way...

Oh my god, my eyes!

Despite of the super hot and dry weather, everybody was overwhelmed by the happy atmosphere.

Only Abu and Han were there, Old Bean was in China, Ping was in Austin, Mr.Yap was in Singapore.

Dear Ms.Da flew all the way from Singapore, across half the globe, and joined my graduation. Even Mr.Yap didn't come. See la, husband la, worse than a friend. Well, I was actually glad that Mr.Yap didn't come, so that I could have the greatest time with my dearest girl pal Da.

The wind was very strong, until my sai-kong accessories were flying all over the place.

Of course, I will surely miss my wonderful friends and are just some of them.

The Gang of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

The International Group in HR class

Leah and Rebeca from Office of International Programs

Ok, not this loud fatty Augustine

Da brought this wonderful graduation gift for me, all the way....from Walgreen close to my house. Ha ha...

I love this dog, perfect representation of moi. Dog with glasses. What a nerdy dog!

Ok, I will no longer M.I.A., because I am an M.B.A. now!


Time to move on, GIVE ME A JOB!!!